Enjoying Music is a Lifestyle Choice.
Come in and relax in our carefree listening environment.
Because Music Matters...
Music is a Lifestyle
Vinyl and 2-Channel Stereo? We Know Vinyl! Check out our full line of British-made Rega Turntables. Make the ritual of listening to music, your music....
We Know Vinyl
We have a spacious and Inviting Store Interior.
Carrying a wide array of high quality + high value brands,
producted with pride, not built in China.
Inviting store interior
We have three great dedicated Listening Rooms.
Relax, pull up a chair, enjoy a glass of wine.
Make it your ritual. Because Music Matters...
Relaxing listening rooms
In 2007, Stereotypes Audio moved to our New Location,
in Southeast Portland’s Morrison Place.
More Space. More Parking. Great Neighbors.
Great newer Location

2-Channel Stereo

Multichannel/Home Theater

Computer/Server Based


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ProAc D30R Speakers

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Hours: Tues - Fri: 11am - 7pm
Sat: 11am - 5:30pm
Sun: 12pm - 5:00pm
Mon: Closed

1401 SE Morrison St., Suite #115
Portland, OR 97214 map it >
Phone: 503.280.0910

Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is one of the top Audio, HiFi, Stereo stores in the Northwest,
serving the Portland and SW Washington area with top audio gear from names like Naim, Rega, Audio
Research, Sim audio, ProAc, Spendor, Focal, Oppo, Integra, PSB Arcam, Cambridge Audio.... read more >

You’ll find us located in SE Portland’s Morrison Place next to Nostrana Restaurant and Garrison Wines with plenty of free parking. Get Directions! >


Easter Sunday 2014

We will be closed Sunday April 20th, 2014 for Easter, as well as Monday April 14th for Passover.  Enjoy the holiday and we’ll be back Tuesday the 22nd!


We now carry AURALiC!

We’ve recently brought in the AURALiC line of audio products into Stereotypes Audio of Portland, with both the well reviewed Vega Digital Audio Processer DAC and the Taurus balanced headphone amplifier. We’re excited to carry this line of products and to have you come check them out soon! You can read reviews of the Vega here, here, and here, and the Taurus here. AURALiC’s US representation is based right here in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, WA area.


Audio Research: New Ref 75, SP20 and VSi60 back in

Audio Research is one of the most highly regarded American audio companies still making their gear here in the US. And if you love tube gear, they make some of the best. Always striving to find the best of both tube and solid state worlds, the ARC ‘sound’ strikes a nice level of neutrality with much of the best of both worlds. We now have the Audio Research Reference 75 amplifier on our floor. While it’s bigger stereo brother Ref150 has gotten much of the attention (as has the Ref250 mono blocks), this latest 75 watt amp is garnering a lot of recent attention for being every bit as good as it’s more powerful siblings, owing much to it’s more direct signal path. We’ve got several great speakers to hear this on (Focal Scala V2s, ProAc D30Rs, Fact8s, etc.). For those with efficient speakers, this is a sweet amp to make them come to life. Our Audio Research SP20 Stereo Preamplifier is also now on our floor and will soon be ready to drive this great new amp. The SP20 has gotten notice for the great built in phono stage, as well as the inclusion of a built in headphone jack! A return to the classic days of Audio Research! We also now have a Audio Research VSi60 Integrated Amplifier back on the floor (the one gathering a lot of attention lately. read here.) Read some of the reviews for the Ref75 here, here, here, and here. And an early review of the SP20 here.


Focal Utopia III Scala V2 Speakers in Portland!

Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is pleased to announce the arrival of the Focal Utopia III line with the addition of the Scala V2 floorstand speakers! We’ve added these to the Diablo’s we already have on our showroom floor. We’re in the process of breaking in these beautiful giants, and we can’t wait to have you give them a listen! The three-way floor standing loudspeaker Scala V2 is an improvement over the previous well received Scala’s, and are the benefactor of ‘trickle down’ from Focal’s top of the line Grande Utopia and Stella Utopia speakers. The new bass unit provides more power and grip, while retaining the lush mid-range, creating a focused and gorgeous soundstage. The Scala’s feature their Beryllium tweeter, Power Flower midrange W driver , 11″ W woofer, and OPC+ filtering with adjustable bass and treble levels. Made entirely in France with all Focal JM Lab tech and build from the ground up, the beauties weigh 187lb each and stand 49″ tall, and are highly efficient at 92dB, capable of some truly amazing SPLs, while retaining a lush natural musical performance. Read the reviews herehere and here (pdf). Come in soon to give these amazing reference level speakers a listen!


Something cool just showed up this week. Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more info about what’s in these boxes! ;)


We’re now carrying the PSB 100 line of Subwoofers at Stereotypes!

The only place in Portland to find PSB, is proud to carry the new 100 line of Subwoofers from PSB. They make a great match to the Alpha series, as well as many of our other PSB speakers. Tiny in size, but not in sound, it’s a great choice for the space and budget conscience. Read an early review here.


Stereotypes Audio is now a full Focal Utopia Speaker Line dealer! Diablo Utopia in Now!

We’re pleased to announce that Stereotypes Audio of Portland is now a full Focal Utopia Speaker line dealer. We have the stand mounted Diablo Utopia‘s in, and are breaking them in right now. They are already sounding amazing! We have an additional Utopia speaker pair coming soon as well, so stay tuned! If you’ve ever wanted to hear some of the best of what Focal has to offer, this is your chance! We look forward to the demoing the amazing Focal Utopia line of speakers.


Gone! The Nola Metro Grand Reference Speakers have now been packed up and sent back to Nola. Thanks to all for coming!

The Nola Metro Grand Reference Speakers have now been packed back in their crates and have been shipped back to Nola. Thanks to all that came out to give these special speakers a listen over the past several weeks. Read More »


Stocking Stuffers and Stuff!

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, we have the new Beacon Phoenix 2s in stock, and ready to wrap for the holidays! Come grab one (or two). We also have the two amazing turntables up and running, the Rega RP-8, and the Clearaudio Ovation. In our smaller demo room, we now have the Arcam A19 Integrated Amplifier, running at 50wpc with a phono stage. Speaking of Arcam, we have a great deal right now on an Arcam FMJ P777 Multichannel Amplifier. We also have Beyerdynamics top headphones in the Tesla series, the Beyerdynamic T1. Lastly, we have the new Focal Aria 948 floor stander creating some beautiful music upstairs. Get in and check out the latest! And… very soon, a special event announcement!


2014 prices going up on select Simaudio and Audio Research products

Get your orders in before January 1, 2014, to still hold onto current pricing for select Audio Research and all Simaudio Moon Evolution series products. Current pricing will be honored if ordered before the end of the year. Audio Research products with price increases: ARC LS27, LS17SE, PH6, DS225, and DS450M.

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