Enjoying Music is a Lifestyle Choice.
Come in and relax in our carefree listening environment.
Because Music Matters...
Music is a Lifestyle
Vinyl and 2-Channel Stereo? We Know Vinyl! Check out our full line of British-made Rega Turntables. Make the ritual of listening to music, your music....
We Know Vinyl
We have a spacious and Inviting Store Interior.
Carrying a wide array of high quality + high value brands,
producted with pride, not built in China.
Inviting store interior
We have three great dedicated Listening Rooms.
Relax, pull up a chair, enjoy a glass of wine.
Make it your ritual. Because Music Matters...
Relaxing listening rooms
In 2007, Stereotypes Audio moved to our New Location,
in Southeast Portland’s Morrison Place.
More Space. More Parking. Great Neighbors.
Great newer Location

2-Channel Stereo

Multichannel/Home Theater

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1401 SE Morrison St., Suite #115
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Phone: 503.280.0910

Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is one of the top Audio, HiFi, Stereo stores in the Northwest,
serving the Portland and SW Washington area with top audio gear from names like Naim, Rega, Audio
Research, Sim audio, ProAc, Spendor, Focal, Oppo, Integra, PSB Arcam, Cambridge Audio.... read more >

You’ll find us located in SE Portland’s Morrison Place next to Nostrana Restaurant with plenty of free parking. Get Directions! >



Naim Mu-so. Amazing audio goodness in one very elegant package. Sight+Sound!

The new Naim Mu-so. A glorified speaker sound bar? Hardly. It’s an all-in-one killer new product that’s hard to fully appreciate without seeing and hearing. Yes, sure it’s a sound bar speaker that is wireless, but it’s also all Naim electronics, built into this one sleek unit. It’s a top notch wireless music system, that is reminiscent of their flagship statement system, but as a more affordable simple package. Six custom speaker drivers controlled by probably one of the most gorgeous volume controls we’ve ever touched (And you’ll probably be enticed as well to touch it). This is a product that is equal in both sight and sound! We’ll have more information here soon about it, but for now… you can read more about it at Naim Audio’s page here, or read a couple reviews here and here. We’ve got one on the floor to hear and see, but this thing is already becoming such a hot ticket item that demand is constraining initial supplies. Come in today and give it an audition!


Spendor D7 Loudspeakers hit all of the right notes with Stereophile Magazine

“The D7 is one of the finest loudspeakers I have had in my listening room.
Here’s an excerpt from a recent review in Stereophile Magazine of the amazing Spendor D7 loudspeakers we’ve been enjoying here at Stereotypes Audio (Portland, Oregon):

The D7s gave me the kind of imaging and image specificity I associate with small stand-mounted monitors. I take back everything bad I’ve written about floorstanding speakers. Read More »


“Going Rogue”…. Rogue Audio that is.

Stereotypes Audio of Portland gets Rogue Audio. We have several great pieces on our floor now, and are breaking in quite nicely! This includes the Sphinx hybrid integrated, the Cronus Magnum (full tube Integrated), and the Ninety-Nine and Super Magnum Preamp, as well as the Stereo 100 Power Amp (Currently out on demo). We’ll be posting more information soon about this great line of products!


New Products in: Moon by Simaudio Neo 380D DSD Dac is in! New Micromega MyAmp, Pioneer Floorstanders, and Cambridge Audio Aero2 Speakers

New Products in: Moon by Simaudio Neo 380D DSD Dac is in! New Micromega MyAmp, Pioneer SP-FS52 Floorstanders, and Cambridge Audio Aero2 Speakers (review here). The new Micromega MyAmp is so tiny, you won’t even believe it until you see it in person yourself! And the new Neo 380D DSD Dac from Simaudio takes an amazing product and makes even better! We also have the extremely affordable Pioneer floor standers from Andrew Jones in. The new Cambridge Audio Aero 2 speakers are sounding great as well. More info on these will be posted soon!


We’ve got the new OPPO Headphones in! And Focal Aria 905s and Electra 1008Be.

We just got in both of the well regarded Oppo Headphones this week. The Oppo PM-1 and PM-2. They have been creating quite a stir with the reviewers. You can read about them here, here and here. We also got the very affordable bookshelf Focal Aria 905s in, and the excellent bookshelf Focal Electra 1008Be‘s in. It’s been good week to say the least! Come in today and give these headphones and speakers a demo!


New Focal Aria 926 speakers ready to audition

Our nice new pair of Focal Aria 926s are now nicely broken in and ready to audition. Many of you may remember the great larger Aria’s we had in earlier this year, and we’re pretty excited about these as well. All of the great sound you’d expect from Focal with that touch of Flax magic, in the perfect sized package. On top of that, they look gorgeous. Come in today to give them a listen. You can read a review here (pdf download).


Chord Hugo Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier helps brings your HiFi audio system with you

Chord Electronics new Hugo…. is it a DAC? (in the same vein as their QuteHD Chordette) is it a portable headphone amp? Is it a pre-amp? Yes. And it’s called Hugo. As per usual, Chord has built a cute and well machined unique and small device. Complete with it’s glowing colored lights and an array of connections. But… you could care less about glowing colored lights of course. How does it sound? Well, both the headphone/portable world and HiFi community are taking notice at this little device that could. It will do any and all files up to 24/384kHz and DSD/DXD as a DAC, complete with line-level, single-ended outputs, two USB sockets, optical TOSLINK, Coax, three headphone outputs, and even Bluetooth. Read More »


Quick News for the weekend: New Chord Hugo, Croft Acoustics, Shunyata Alpha Series, Auralic Gemini Headphone Dock, Headphone sale, etc.

Ok, a bit of quick news to start out the weekend. More in detail later. We have the brand new Chord Hugo portable DAC and headphone amplifier in, you can read more about it here. We also have Croft Acoustics tube hybrid Preamplifier with phone stage from the UK. We’ve been getting a lot of interest in the new Shunyata Research Alpha series we have in now. We also have a full line up of gear from Auralic, including the Gemini Headphone Dock, the Taurus Balanced Headphone Amplifier, the Vega DAC, and the heavily anticipated Aries wireless streaming bridge, available in base or LE model on hand. We also have the brand new ‘DC’ version of the Project Debut Carbon (DC) turntable in, as well as the new Spender D1 bookshelf speakers with that great new tweeter (from the floor stander model we have been enjoying, the Spendor D7). And have you hearts of PSB’s PS1 powered Alpha speakers? They make for a great desktop computer set up or compact system. We also have had in the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS portable USB DAC for awhile, but… forgot to mention it! And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also having a sale on Grado headphones and Focal Spirit One headphones! (come in to find out more). And wait…. there’s ‘one more thing’… The new Rega Elex-R Integrated Amplifier, a blend of the Brio-R with the Elicit-R.


New! Here!: Auralic Aries Streamer, Focal Dimension Sound Bar and Marantz NR-1605 AVRs

The heavily anticipated Auralic Aries Streamer that can stream full high resolution audio (even DSD) is here! We have several units in stock for this initial introduction, including the base model and the LE. We also already have the Focal Dimension SoundBar in stock and available for $1,399 on it’s own, or as a combo with the sub for $1,599. You know that if Focal is going to do a sound bar, it’s going to be done right, and sound amazing! We also have the new Marantz NR-1605 AVR back in stock. It’s a slimline model with great WiFi connectivity. Come in today to check out the latest in great audio gear! Here’s a couple reviews of the Auralic Aries here and a product introduction video here.


Our Quarterly Featured Product: Focal Utopia III speaker line

Read about our quarterly featured product, the Focal Utopia III speaker line, including the Scala V2 and Diablo speakers that we are currently showcasing in our listening rooms here.

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