Thinking about ‘going Rogue’? Good choice. Rogue Audio has some of the best values in audio, with stunning case work and beautiful sound.

Rogue Audio Ninety-Nine Preamplifier

Looking for Reference Level Audio? Look no further than our Focal Utopia III and Sopra line of speakers. We have the reference Scala V2 and Diablo Utopia.

Focal Scala V2 Utopia

Gorgeous. Amazing. Simple. Complete. Wireless. Updatable. Unbeatable sound. The Devialet line of all in one audio systems. See it. Hear it. Believe it.

Devialet 200 audio system

Thinking of going ‘old school’ with vinyl? There’s nobody better in town to fit you with the right turntable for you. We carry Rega, Pro-Ject, Clearaudio, and Roksan.

Rega RP6 Turntable

We carry some of the best modern audio products that not only look good… they sound good, and are well connected. Feast your eyes on the Naim Mu-so Qb.

Naim mu-so
Enjoying Music is a Lifestyle Choice.
Come in and relax in our carefree listening environment.
Because Music Matters...
Music is a Lifestyle

2-Channel Stereo

Multichannel/Home Theater

Computer/Server Based


Featured Product
Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE

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Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is one of the top HiFi Audio and Stereo stores in the Northwest, serving the Portland and SW Washington area with top analog, digital and streaming audio gear from names like Audio Research, Simaudio, Naim, Oppo, Rogue Audio, Focal, ProAc, Dali, Rega, Cambridge, Nordost, Kimber Kable, Spendor, PSB, Harbeth, Integra... read more >

You’ll find us located in SE Portland’s Morrison Place next to Nostrana Restaurant and Smokehouse Tavern with plenty of free parking. Get Directions! >


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Nordost Fall Trade-Up to Norse 2 Program. Get up to 80% back towards Norse 2 (See details. Ends Nov.30)

Nordost Fall Trade-Up to Norse 2 Program. Bring in your old Norse or Flatline Series, and trade up to Norse 2 series! You can receive up to 80% of your original retail for your old Norse or Flatline cables, towards the purchase of the new Norse 2 series (Heimdall 2, Frey 2, and Tyr 2). All cables, wire, and power cords must be in “Good” condition with a reliable serial number. 80% back is for cable purchased for original full retail. B-stock and demos count towards 40% back. Read More »


New Rega Planar One (PL1) turntables are now in! Only a few close out RP1s left!

We just got in a new shipment of the new Rega Planar One (PL1) turntables in stock, adding to the Planar 2 and 3‘s we have of the updated tables. We only have 3 Rega RP1 close out turntables left! If you want a deal on a great last gen table, then come see us soon! We also have the difficult to find discontinued Rega Queen special edition turntables, but only a few left! We’ll even give you $100 off. And coming up in December, we’ll be receiving the new Pro-Ject Classic turntables with the wood base. We will have the walnut and eucalyptus models, with dust cover and Ortofon 2M silver cartridge ($1,095)


Did you get a new iPhone 7? We have new Beyerdynamic bluetooth headphones for you!

Apple recently removed the headphone jack on their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Sure… they have their own wireless buds, but… why use those when you can have new bluetooth earbuds from Beyerdynamics!? We have the Beyerdynamic Byron BT and BTA bluetooth earbuds now in stock. We also have several great portable DAC/headphone amps from Chord and Oppo. These are another great option for the new iPhone 7.


New Rogue RP1 Tube Preamplifier ready to demo and our Focal Sopra No. 2s go red!

We have the new Rogue RP1 tube Preamplifier ready to demo in our bamboo listening room, and wow… is this sounding gorgeous! And at $1,695 it’s quite an amazing value! We’ve been listening to it with the Harbeth P3ESRs and it’s a wonderful combination! It comes with a top notch phono stage built in. Also, if you’ve already checked out the Focal Sopra No.2 floor standers we have, we now have a pair in red! It’s like having a Ferrari parked in our main listening room. Truly stunning. Visually and musically.


Featured Product: Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE!

Be sure to check out our Featured Product of the quarter: The Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE! Read about it here. Then come hear it!


New Shunyata Research Hydra Denali Series Power Conditioners in stock and on demo!

We have the brand new Shunyata Denali line of power conditioners from Shunyata Research in stock and on the floor ready to demo. We’ve been enjoying both the amazing sound and wonderful new form factor of this new line from Shunyata! It’s nice not having to bend too far down or get behind gear to reach the power plugs. This new Hydra line falls just below the Hydra Typhoon series, and comes in three form factors, standard shelf unit (D6000/S) with a 20-amp breaker, the new tall form factor flagship 600oT with two high current outlets and four source/preamp outlets with the new ‘medical’ filters and a 30-amp electromagnetic breaker, and then finally the smaller vertical floor unit, the 2000/T, with 2 outlets and a 20-amp breaker. Already garnering high praise, we can’t wait to fully put these pieces through their paces! Come audition a Denali today!


New shipment of ELAC Speakers now in!!! Including A-stock UB5s!

Our new shipment of ELAC Speakers has hit our stores today, and we have exciting news. We even have the ‘A-stock’ Uni-Fi UB5s in now, first real shipment to the states of this much awaited product! These have only been previously available as an early B stock run. We also have the Debut F5 floor standers in this shipment as well. The B6 Debut speakers that have been out of stock, are still on back order, but we hope to get soon in a second shipment. Stay tuned and check back soon about final delivery of the B6s. All of the ELAC Speakers are garnering tons of press and praise, and have been a favorite of the budget conscience. ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 reviews here, here and here, and the UF5 here.



New in Stock! New Record Doctor V cleaning machine. New heavy metal Speaker stands.

We just got in the brand new Record Doctor V cleaning machine, for you vinyl enthusiasts out there! We’re just testing it out it’s so new! Come check it out! For those of you looking for heavy duty metal speaker stands that are fillable, we have some new options now in stock. In both a heavy weight as well as a mid-weight version. They come in 24″ and 28″ options.


Rega Planar 3 Turntables and Rega Planar 2 Turntables are in stock!

We’ve had several Rega Planar 3 turntables in stock for the past several weeks now, and they’re sounding great… and look simply STUNNING! They’ve been garnering lots of praise (here, herehere and here) and are well worth the audition! The Rega Planar 3 replaces the outgoing RP3 that has been the ‘go to’ turntable for best value/price point for performance for many many years. Rega has brought back their old Planar moniker, but the performance of these are well beyond those original models. Right on the heels of the Rega Planar 3, we have the Rega Planar 2 turntables now in stock in black and white (about 2-3 weeks). The Planar 2 will accept the current RP1 performance pack, which consists of a Rega Bias cart, thick wool mat, and a reference white belt, all for a $200 upgrade. You can check out the early reviews for the Rega Planar 2 here and here. Both the Planar 2 and 3 have garnered The Ear reviews “Best Buy” awards. If you’ve been on the fence about getting into vinyl records and are needing a turntable, these represent two great turntable values that will help get you started at better than entry level performance.


Great review for the Rogue Audio Stereo 100 Amplifier

From the independent website 10 Audio, comes this great review of the Rogue Audio Stereo 100 Amplifier. Read it here“We are all familiar with terms such as “good for the money” and “sets a new standard at its price point” and “plays above its class” and similar ideas that attempt to compare the sound of a product with its cost. Rogue Audio has introduced the Stereo 100 power amplifier, at $3,495, that offers better performance than anyone has offered up to now – possibly at any price.”

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