Focal Chorus Speaker Sale on now through April 30, 2018.

Focal Chorus 706 and Focal Chorus 716.

Focal Chorus Speaker Sale

The future is here. Naim Audio Uniti Nova, as well as the Atom. Two compact truly amazing All-In-One HiFi Audio solutions.

Naim Audio Uniti Nova

ProAc Tablette 10. A truly great compact stand mount speaker. Sealed box, easy to place and only 12” tall and 6.175” deep. You’ll be surprised by the music that comes out!

ProAc Tablette 10

Tubes? These aren’t your father’s tubes. Rogue Audio is one of the best values in audio today, and hand made in the USA. Detailed and Natural… Cronos Magnum II.

Rogue Audio Cronos Magnum II

Want Reference Level Audio? Our Focal Utopia III and Sopra line of speakers now add the Kanta No. 2, with their Flax drivers mated to the latest Beryllium tweeter.

Focal Kanta No. 2

Thinking of going ‘old school’ with vinyl? Best place in Portland to fit you with the right turntable. We carry ELAC, Rega, Pro-Ject, Clearaudio, and Roksan.

Rega PL6 Turntable

2-Channel Stereo

Multichannel/Home Theater

Computer/Server Based

Featured Product
Rega Planar 6 Turntable

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Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is one of the top HiFi Audio and Stereo stores in the Northwest, serving the Portland and SW Washington area with top analog, digital and streaming audio gear from names like Audio Research, Simaudio, Naim, Oppo, Rogue Audio, Focal, ProAc, Dali, Rega, Cambridge, Nordost, Kimber Kable, Spendor, PSB, Harbeth, Integra... read more >

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Focal Chorus Sale On Now through April 30, Chorus 706 and Chorus 716.

Focal is having a sale on Focal Chorus Speakers now through April 30th, 2018. Focal Chorus 706 save $200! Now $549/pair. Focal Chorus 716 save $600! Now $999/pair! Limited Quantities.


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Stereotypes Audio, your source for great headphones and accessories

If you’re looking for one of the best places to shop for headphones, earbuds, and headphone accessories in Portland, Oregon, look no further than Stereotypes Audio. We carry a huge selection of headphones, and now carry B&O headphones, as well as the new Focal Clear headphones, and the brand new PSB M4U 8 Headphones. We carry Beyerdynamic, Focal, PSB, Oppo, B&O, Grado, and Radius.  We also carry several portable DAC/headphone amplifiers like the Chord Mojo, Oppo HA-2, Cambridge Dac Magic XS, as well as home headphone amplifiers from Oppo, Simaudio, Marantz, etc.

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Stereotypes Audio now carries Hana Phono Cartridges

We now carry the highly regarded line of Hana Phono Cartridges (Excel Sound Corporation of Japan). We currently have several in stock and ready to purchase. Come in to check out our selection. You can read reviews of their cartridges here, here and here.

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb Wireless Music System Review in Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision magazine has a great review of the Naim Audio Mu-so Qb wireless music system. A truly gorgeous looking and sounding cube speaker that has a built-in DAC, music streamer, and integrated amplifier. Naim has packed a lot of amazing technology into this compact and beautiful package. It’s also a S&V Top Pick of the Year. Sound & Vision’s verdict:  “The Mu-so Qb is pricey, but it’s impeccably built, offers a number of wired and wireless playback options, and is one of the best-sounding compact wireless speaker systems I’ve heard.” You can also change the color of the speaker grills to fit your tastes. And that wonderful volume knob…. read the full review here.

Stereophile Magazine reviews the Naim Uniti Nova

Stereophile Magazine has done a review in the latest issue of the Naim Uniti Nova, calling it “The Everything an Audiophile Needs In One Box.” Here’s one of the quotes: “The Uniti Nova is basically an amplifier plus a turbocharged computer that offers, in a single oblong metal box, almost everything audio that one could desire. And oh, what a beautiful box it is. The Uniti Nova’s case of brushed and CNC-machined aluminum… …a sleek-to-the-touch, illuminated volume dial on top panel that practically spins off rays of light; …”   Read more of the review here or pick up the latest copy of Stereophile at a retailer near you. Then come visit us at our Portland, Oregon store for an audition.

Focal Scala Utopia EVO speakers are now in… simply AMAZING

Can we some up the new Focal Scala Utopia EVO speakers with just one word? Yes. AMAZING. We were so smitten with the last Scala Utopia’s that it would seem a daunting task to top them, but they have. They sound truly amazing right out of the box, and the new finish we have for our demos is stunning. You truly have to see them to appreciate the work that Focal has put into these. There are also a lot of simple details that are different from the previous generation that enhance the overall look and feel. New features include: cables made in France, denser acoustic materials inside the subwoofer, double terminal boards and separate crossovers. Be sure to stop in some time soon and check out these beauties from Focal, leave enough time to give them a real listen!

The new Andrew Jones designed ELAC Adante AS-61s are in! The AF-61 Floorstanding speakers are now in as well.

The new Andrew Jones designed ELAC Adante AS-61s stand mount speakers are on our floor and ready to audition! (The larger AF-61 Floorstanding speakers are in now as well. We’re just breaking them in). This speaker was the talk of all of the recent HiFi shows, and showcases what Andrew Jones can do with bigger budgets. His ELAC Debut and Unifi speakers have already proved as best in class for entry level, now check out the next step up with Adante. Read the (teaser) reviews here, here, and here.

Shunyata Research Venom HC power cord $175 for a limited time

Shunyata Research is having a deal on the Venom HC Power Cord. Normally $300, we can offer them right now for $175. For a limited time. Get them while you can still get the deal! This is one of the best/most affordable upgrades you can do for your system. Replace your stock cords with a Venom HC (replace all of them if you’re still using stock power cords).

Chord Hugo 2 in now. Ready for a listen.

Hey, we have the brand new Chord Hugo 2 in and ready to demo in our bamboo room. The first Hugo was a HUGE hit… we can’t wait to put the Hugo 2 through some long listening sessions. Use it on the road, use it in your main system. This is destined to be another great portable DAC/headphone amplifier that can do more than just travel. It retains the colorful globe indicator lights, but adds playback for up to 768kHz, DSD512, extended range Bluetooth, and so much more. Get in for a demo soon!

TAS 50 Greatest Bargains In High End Audio, many here at Stereotypes Audio

The latest edition of The Absolute Sound (Nov 2017) features the “50 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio” for which we have many of the featured products on hand and ready to demo. In the “Entry Level” section, it covers the ELAC Debut B5 and ELAC Debut F5 speakers ($229 for the B5 bookshelf speakers and $560 for the floor stander F5s), as well as the Rega Planar 1 turntable at $475, and the NAD D3020 Integrated Amplifier at $499. The NAD Integrated Amplifiers have a long history of providing great value. No other Portland, Oregon store carries these great values. We currently have this system set up with a Rega Fono Mini phono stage. If you’re ready to get started in great high end sound without breaking the bank, start here at Stereotypes Audio, where we have components and systems at EVERY price point.

The new Focal Kanta No.2 Speakers are in!

The new Focal Kanta No. 2 speakers arrived on Friday last week, and we’ve been marveling in them ever since! Wow, right out of the box they were producing magic… and by Monday they we’re sounding absolutely sublime. The mating of their latest generation beryllium tweeter and Flax drivers is absolutely seamless. Detailed, musical, airy, and magical… it’s hard to completely describe the wonder that are these new Focal speakers. Combine that with their unimposing compact size and beautiful finish work, and you have a winner. You have to hear and see these to fully appreciate what Focal has pulled off with the Kanta No. 2. Our floor model has the taupe matte finish with the walnut case work. Be the first to hear the Focal Kanta No. 2 speakers in the Portland Oregon area! You can find out more information here, here and here. (and the full Tone review here as well.)

New ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary Turntable now in stock

This is one gorgeous turntable. The all new ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary Turntable is now in stock and ready to demo in our upstairs listening room. We’re still just getting to know this great table, but so far it’s looking and sounding great! You can find out more information here.

New ProAc DT8 Speakers in Stock. Ready to Demo.

We just got the new ProAc DT8 speakers in stock, and are the floor ready to demo. These are another great compact floor stander from British monitor maker ProAc. Similar in size to the discontinued Studio 140 MK II, it’s an entirely new speaker, using a driver arrangement similar to the Response D48s. More information to come, but for now… you can go here and here for details.

Update: Moon by Simaudio ACE price drop. Bluesound Mini Flex Battery packs in.

A quick update: Moon by Simaudio has dropped the price on their well regarded Neo ACE all-in-one Music Player, from $3,500 to $2,900. This was already a great value at it’s original price, but is an absolute steal now, and with their best in class 10 year warranty. The all-in-one market has gotten very competitive, and so now it’s a win win for our music fans. Check out the specs on the ACE here. Reviews here (a perfect 5 stars from What HiFi?), here and here. We also just got in the battery pack add ons for the BlueSound Mini Flex speaker, making them truly wireless/portable with this add on battery. Come and get them!

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