Thinking about ‘going Rogue’? Good choice. Rogue Audio has some of the best values in audio, with stunning case work and beautiful sound.

Rogue Audio Ninety-Nine Preamplifier

Looking for Reference Level Audio? Look no further than our Focal Utopia III and Sopra line of speakers. We have the reference Scala V2 and Diablo Utopia.

Focal Scala V2 Utopia

Gorgeous. Amazing. Simple. Complete. Wireless. Updatable. Unbeatable sound. The Devialet line of all in one audio systems. See it. Hear it. Believe it.

Devialet 200 audio system

Thinking of going ‘old school’ with vinyl? There’s nobody better in town to fit you with the right turntable for you. We carry Rega, Pro-Ject, Clearaudio, and Roksan.

Rega RP6 Turntable

We carry some of the best modern audio products that not only look good… they sound good, and are well connected. Feast your eyes on the Naim mu-so.

Naim mu-so
Enjoying Music is a Lifestyle Choice.
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Music is a Lifestyle

2-Channel Stereo

Multichannel/Home Theater

Computer/Server Based


Featured Product
Focal Sopra Speaker Line

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Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is one of the top HiFi Audio and Stereo stores in the Northwest, serving the Portland and SW Washington area with top audio gear from names like Audio Research, Simaudio, Naim, Oppo, Rogue Audio, Focal, ProAc, Dali, Rega, Cambridge, Nordost, Kimber Kable, Spendor, PSB, Harbeth, Integra... read more >

You’ll find us located in SE Portland’s Morrison Place next to Nostrana Restaurant with plenty of free parking. Get Directions! >


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New Marantz HD DAC-1 and Focal Powered Alpha Speakers.

We have the brand new Marantz HD DAC-1 headphone amplifier with DAC on our floor in our headphone section. With gorgeous casework and sound, this new Marantz DAC is a beauty! This adds to our already amazing offering of headphone amps and headphones, joining the company of the top rated Simaudio Neo 480HA and their new Simaudio Neo 230HAD half size headphone amp/DAC, as we as the Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier. We’ve got some amazingly great stuff to bring pleasure to your head and all spaces in between, so leave behind those ear buds and discover true high end in a more compact package. And for the desktop/workstation, we have the Focal Powered Alpha speakers in. These are some great monitors that can work for your computer workspace or other small office use. We currently have the larger Alpha 80s, but will have the smaller 65s coming in soon. If you’ve been looking for a simple solution for your desktop without needing a separate amp/receiver but with a huge upgrade in sound, look no further than the Alphas.


Recent news: We now carry Melco Audio Music Library devices. Also have Billy Bags stand and IsoAcoustics speaker stands

In the quickly changing landscape of music source delivery, there’s a growing need to store all of these music files, as well as isolate them from sources like a computer. It’s amazing how much of a difference in sound quality it can make, just by removing the computer from the equation. One such solution is the Melco High Resolution Music Library line of network music servers. We have put the Melco Audio N1A into service here at Stereotypes Audio, to serve all of our various DACs, streamers, etc. It’s made quite an amazing difference on both the sound and ease of serving music to all of our devices. Let us help create the perfect solution for your music system, starting with a Melco Audio N1A. Here is a recent review in the latest Stereophile magazine. (Text only pdf) Read More »


We still have a few first gen Bluesound and Micromega “My” specials left!

If you’re looking for great deals on first gen Bluesound and Micromega “My” products, come in soon! Only a few left!!!!


Subs, Subs, Subs! We carry a subwoofer for every need and price range! JL Audio subs starting at $799!

If you’ve been considering adding a subwoofer to your stereo or multichannel system, there’s no better time than now! The well regarded subwoofer make, JL Audio has taken there top of the line Fathom/Gotham line first down to the JL Audio eSub line, and now down to the new JL Audio Dominion line. We carry the JL Audio line up of Dominion, eSub, and Fathom subwoofers, including the brand new JL Audio Fathom v2 sub. If you thought you couldn’t afford a JL Audio sub before, it’s time to look again… the JL Audio Dominion d108 8-inch sub in ash finish, starts at $799.99, and the JL Audio d110 10-inch ash goes for $999.99. The JL Audio e110 in ash starts at $1,499. These subs still pack a real punch, with the same famous lineage of the more expensive Fathom subs. JL Audio really knows how to engineer quality musical subs for every price range. Beside JL Audio, we also carry PSB, Velodyne and Focal subwoofers. Come talk to us about the best options for your system, and how to properly implement a new subwoofer or multiple subs to get the most out of your system!


Last minute holiday gifts! Turntables, speakers and mini-systems!

Don’t forget to check us out for some of your last minute audio holiday gifts. We have the $399 all in one Yamaha mini system in right now, and Naim has put their amazing and well reviewed all in one Naim Mu-so on sale for $200 off until January 4th! If you been thinking about the Mu-so, the time is now! We also have TONS of TURNTABLES at every price range! Clear Audio, Rega, Pro-Ject, etc. and one with USB for those wanting to digitize their collection. And from Focal Loudspeakers, we have their Chorus 705, 714, and 716 all on sale! And two amazing deals on brand new tube based phono stages from Audio Research:  Audio Research PH8 phono stage in silver (new unopened) and Audio Research PH6 in black (new open box) for 25% off right now. These are truly great phone stages and a deal you shouldn’t miss out on!

Be sure to check out our holiday hours for open/closed times this week.


Stereotypes Audio products clean up in the TAS Product of the Year latest issue!

The latest issue of The Absolute Sound showing casing the Product of the Year 2015, has products carried by Portland’s Stereotypes Audio well represented. For AC Power Cord of the Year, our Shunyata Sigma power cord (in analog or digital, HC) got top nods. The Kimber Select cable line received top “Interconnects & Cables of the year” with the KS 6068 speaker wire, KS 1036 RCA interconnects and KS 1136 balanced interconnects. And for the top headphones, the entry level Oppo PM-3s take the award (they also kill those ‘beat’ focused competition with way more detail and refinement, while still maintaining a solid bottom end!). In the Portable DAC of the year, the Chord Hugo takes top nods. This is a great battery powered DAC for on the road, or even at home with DSD 128 and up to 384kHz PCM. And for those that want ‘more bass’, the JL Audio Gotham and CR-1 Crossover take “Cost No Object” sub of the year. While were not currently running the Gotham with the CR-1, we have tried it with our new JL Audio Fathom v2 and it sounds fantastic! Our new ELAC Debut B5 also took top “Affordable Stand-Mount loudspeaker” of the year award at $229/pair. These things really are overachievers! And our new Harbeth SuperHL5plus Loudspeaker took “Upper-End Stand-Mount Loudspeaker” of the year. Thinking of going vinyl? Our Rega RP-10 took their top honors for “Mid-Priced Turntable of the Year”, but we have turntables at nearly every price point… especially at the entry level range. And always in the ‘overachiever’ category is the Rogue line up of products, our Rogue Audio RP-5 took “Affordable Preamplifier of the Year” award for best tubed line stage. As always, there were several top products that we carry feeling ‘robbed’ for not garnering their own top honors, but we couldn’t be greedy and take all of the awards home. Come check out these top products and take home a great present to put under your favorite music fans tree this year! Read More »


New Rega RX1 and RX3 speakers in!

We have the new Rega RX1 standmount speakers and Rega RX3 floorstander speakers in stock and ready to audition! The new RX line replaces the outgoing RS line, and comes in the One, Three, and Five models. The Rega RX-ONE loudspeaker system delivers balance, detail and dynamics and use a unique handmade set of Rega designed drivers and crossovers. Both the RX1 and RX3 have newly developed DX-125 bassmid-range driver (using a doped paper cone) and combines perfectly with the Rega ZRR high frequency unit. The RX3s add a dedicated side firing bass driver to the mix. You can find more info here.


Best upgrade in awhile! IsoAcoustics stands!

Ignore the ELAC speaker on top… it’s the stand under that really counts! Just had a chance to audition these IsoAcoustic speaker stand upgrades, and wow! Even with ‘value’ oriented speakers, it took them to a whole other level! It really cleaned up and focused the overall presentation, and hearing an acoustic bass with them? Wow. The attack on the strings became so much more real. One of the best upgrades to come along in awhile! Come audition one of these upgrades today! You can watch one of their demo videos here. But you really have to hear them in person to know what it will do for your speakers. Read More »


Bluesound First Gen sale gets even better!

The Bluesound first gen sale is still going on, and the outgoing Bluesound Vault gen 1 just got even cheaper! It was $999. Now is $599! Get one before they’re all gone!!! We still have a few other Bluesound first gen pieces for sale.


ELAC Speakers now in Portland at Stereotypes Audio!

Stereotypes Audio of Portland is pleased to announce that we are now proudly carrying ELAC Speakers. You may have heard that acclaimed speaker designer Andrew Jones left TAD/Pioneer and is hard at work designing amazing and affordable loudspeakers elsewhere… that elsewhere is ELAC, and has already garnered much praise and good early reviews. We have the B5 and B6 stand mounted speakers, as well as the F5 floor stander and C5 Center channel. Come in to find out what we have in stock from this great new line of speakers from the famed Andrew Jones! Two early reviews from CNET, one for the B6 and one for the F5. These may not be the final word in audio, but for those looking to getting better audio and are on a budget, ELAC is a great place to start. And start by coming to Stereotypes Audio to begin your journey into better audio.

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