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Monthly Archives: July 2011

New Rega RP-3 turntables are here! (and our white demo unit is ready to hear!) and Sale on Logitech Squeezebox Touch

The brand new Rega RP-3 turntables have arrived, and we’ve got some in back…. (read a recent review here) and we now have our cool white demo unit ready to audition. Give us a call and find out what colors we have available in stock. For those looking for a close out deal on a […]

Simaudio 600i Integrated Amplifier and matching Simaudio 650D CD Transport/DAC is now on demo

The gorgeous new Simaudio 600i Dual-Mono Integrated Amplifier is now on demo at Stereotypes Audio (Portland, Oregon). This was well reviewed in The Absolute Sound and Soundstage, and we have it in the stunning black/silver combination with it’s companion Simaudio 650D, which is their new CD transport and DAC unit. (it’s bigger sibling has also […]

The Audio Research Reference 5 Preamplifier is in and now on demo! (PS it’s amazing!)

Stereotypes Audio has the Audio Research Reference 5 Preamplifier in and is now driving the Audio Research DS450 (since we sold our other ARC Preamplifiers). This is one of the premier combinations of Preamplifier and Amplifiers in the Portland/SW Washington area. The ARC Ref5 has been highly regarded and reviewed by all of the trade […]

The new Rega Brio-R is in, and it’s probably one of the best values this year (along with the PSB Minis)!

We just got the new Rega Brio-R in, and we’re breaking it in along with the new PSB Imagine Mini speakers. This combo may represent one of the best values for top notch sound for the least price ever! The Brio has gone up slightly in cost (list price is now $895), but has gone […]

New Audio Research DS450 amplifier is here!

The New Audio Research DS450 amplifier is here and we’ve now done an initial break in with it. We now have it plugged into the Audio Research Reference 5 and it’s already sounding simply amazing. This is quite the dynamic duo.

Wireless Speakers from Audio Pro (Scandanavia) that ‘also’ sound amazing!

We are now carrying the Audio Pro line of speakers from Scandinavia. We have the LV2, the LV3, and can order the LVSUB. People have been asking us about Wireless speakers for forever, but we’ve always taken a cautious stance… until now. The LV2 powered wireless speakers not only solve many speaker install problems, they […]

The Newer Spendor 3/5 R2 Speakers are in!

The newer Spendor 3/5 R2 Monitor Speakers are now in, and they sound wonderful. There are several great improvements over the last model, with an all new tweeter and a sealed enclosure. If you love that classic British Monitor sound, these have that in spades, and in a compact size.

Marantz 8004 SACD/CD Player back in stock!

We have the Marantz 8004 SACD/CD Player back in stock! They were back ordered for awhile but are now back in and ready for purchase. Info  here about the unit.

Rega RP1 in store! Both the stock model and upgraded model!

The Rega RP1 is in store and ready to demo! Both the stock model and upgraded model with the Performance Pack, which includes the Bias 2 moving magnet cartridge, the upgraded drive belt, and the 100% natural wool turntable mat. You can read more about the Rega RP1 turntable and the Performace Pack upgrade here. […]

CES darlings, PSB Imagine Mini Speakers are here!

The darling of the latest CES show, the PSB Imagine mini speakers just came in! We still need to unbox them and give them an adequate break in, but they are here. Robert Harley from The Absolute Sound awarded it “the Best Sound for the Lowest Price.”… saying, “The Imagine Mini sounded far better than […]

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