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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Stereotypes Audio of Portland is proud to welcome Nola! Boxers and Contenders are here!

Stereotypes Audio is proud to welcome the well regarded Nola line of speakers to Portland. We have a pair of Boxers and a pair of Contenders that have just arrived! We’ve un-boxed them and after some break in time, we can’t wait to play them for you! Our first listen is already promising! Stop by […]

Harbeth Speakers back at Stereotypes; New Compact 7ES-3 in cherry ready to demo!

We’re excited to have the Harbeth Speaker line back in at Stereotypes Audio, and we’re very excited to be among some of the first dealers to have a pair of the brand spankin’ new Harbeth Compact 7ES-3s in stock! These are so new, even most reviewers don’t have their hands on them. And from what […]

New Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus is here! (an update to the original)

When Cambridge Audio released the first DAC Magic, it became quite the instant sensation for it’s amazing sound and high value. Since then, the DAC landscape has become increasingly more competitive. To counter this, Cambridge Audio has just unleashed it’s update, the DAC Magic Plus! Adding to an already impressive original release, it now comes […]

Stereotypes Audio is proud to now have LFD of England. We have the LE MkIV Signature Integrated Amp on demo.

Stereotypes Audio of Portland is proud to represent LFD of England, with our first piece, the LE MkIV Signature Integrated Amplifier. LFD takes the view that the quality of the components in a circuit is of more importance that the circuit itself when it comes to determining the overall performance of an audiophile design. They pay particular […]

Focal XS Book speakers are here. Great for a computer set up and more!

It’s hard to believe that Focal could come out with another simple solution as good as The Bird 2.1 setup, but they’ve released another compact winner! The Focal XS Book is the ultimate computer 2.0 system, a true mini-monitor equipped with Focal speaker technologies and able to reveal the richness and dynamics of your multimedia […]

Cool News: Rega’s new RP6 turntable has been released and is on it’s way!

New Rega RP6! This is news I know many of you have been waiting for, the indirect successor to the great Rega P5 turntable, the newly unveiled RP6 turntable continues the upgrades to each of their next level of turntables. The difference this time, is that this is not just a ‘RP5’… the new turntable […]

The Pioneer Elite line of Electronics and TVs are here!

Stereotypes Audio is proud to have the Pioneer Elite line of electronics and TVs (we even have a couple pairs of their extremely affordable bookshelf speakers). Their new line of AV Receivers are garnering high praise, and we are excited to have another great option for home theater. Combine this with their amazing return to […]

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