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The Audio Research Reference 5 Preamplifier is in and now on demo! (PS it’s amazing!)

Stereotypes Audio has the Audio Research Reference 5 Preamplifier in and is now driving the Audio Research DS450 (since we sold our other ARC Preamplifiers). This is one of the premier combinations of Preamplifier and Amplifiers in the Portland/SW Washington area. The ARC Ref5 has been highly regarded and reviewed by all of the trade publications as being one of the elite Preamplifiers in HiFi. (the only Pre to top this was the limited run 2 box Audio Research 40th Anniversary Pre model that is no longer available). Audio Research has been perfecting their tube Preamplifier and Amplifiers for over 40 years now, and this tube based Pre is the pinnacle of this work. With this combination you will get all of the air and quiet sweet musicality of a tube Pre combined with the fast griping power of a modern Class D amp that Audio Research has been perfecting over the last 10 years with their own homegrown solutions, combining true analog linear power supply and an analog output stage with the Class D power. The sound is difficult to easily describe. The power, grip and quiet of a good Solid State, combined with the soundstage and air of a tube amp. All while keeping it’s cool (even to the touch) driving even the toughest loads to the extreme. This will be an amazing combination and set up to hear. Check in with us soon (this weekend most likely) to find out when it’s ready to audition. You can read more information on the ARC Ref 5 here and here (pdf of the TAS review). If you want more praise, here are several other reviews in pdf format, here, here, here and here. (you can probably guess by now that this thing is truly amazing and worth it’s price). Rich a couple days in already says “it sounds pretty darn good!”

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