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Brand new Rega Planar 6 turntables are here!

The brand new and hotly anticipated Rega Planar 6 have arrived! Rega has slowly been working on revising their turntable lineup, first with the Planar 3 last year, then the Planar 2 and 1. The new Planar 6 is truly an all new product, not sharing any original components from the outgoing RP6 (except the hinges. why mess with what works?). There is so much that has gone into this new table, that we can’t fit all of the new information into a blog post. You can read more about it here. We’re in the process of putting this new table through the paces. A glowing 5 star review from What HiFi? here.

The heavily anticipated Naim Audio Uniti Nova is here!

The heavily anticipated Naim Audio Uniti Nova is here!!! And it is GORGEOUS! And it sounds AMAZING!!! This is a welcome edition in to our Naim Audio Unit Atom that is already garnering oohs and aaahhhhs from everyone that sees it and hears it in our bamboo room. This flagship Naim Audio Uniti is truly a remarkable all-in-one product. You have to see it and hear it to believe it!

New Shunyata Research Products in. Venom, Delta, Alpha, and Sigma.

We have a full line up of all new Shunyata Research products in stock! Venom, Delta, Alpha and Sigma product lines are on the floor and breaking in. We even have the new Alpha and Sigma speaker cable in our main upstairs room, along with the Delta speaker cable in our bamboo room. Be sure to come in to find out all about this exciting new line up of products from Shunyata Research! These are products so new, that they aren’t even listed on Shunyata’s own website yet! There is a new pdf guide that lists all of the new cables here. Get in now to audition these truly ground breaking products.

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Holiday Gift Ideas, from small to large in all price ranges

Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is the place to shop for your HiFi Audio family member, with lots of options from small to large, and in all price ranges.
For the vinyl/analog enthusiast, we have the Rega Planar 1 starting at just $475, and the hot bean new Rega Planar 6 mated with the new Ania MC cartridge for those vinyl fans looking for top level performance. We also have the Record Doctor V record cleaner for $199, a simple but effective way to clean your cherished records for not too much dough ray me. Read More »

Naim Audio Uniti Atom now in!

The brand new Naim Audio Uniti Atom is now in stock and ready to demo! This is highly anticipated compact high-end all-in-one Uniti line product, that is both gorgeous in sight and sound. Its a 40-watt integrated amplifier and full featured high-resolution music streamer that will fill your home with stunning high-fidelity sound. Just add speakers, and download the latest Naim app for iOS or Android, and you’re ready to bring all of your music/music sources into one location. More information to come soon!

New Yumi YU4 and YU6 Powered Speakers ready to demo up front

We have the newer Yumi YU4 and YU6 powered speakers up front in a very simple vinyl set up, ready to audition the moment you walk in! These powered speakers have Bluetooth 4.0, a subwoofer output, a built-in DAC and the YU4s have a built-in Phono stage to play your favorite vinyl. Just add a turntable! You can’t get any more simple and cost effective to get into vinyl from zero gear to listening now! Add a Yumi sub and adding digital music from your phone, tablet or computer… you can have the best of both world with digital and analog! Whether for a small listening space, second listening space, shop or vacation home… Yumi really spells YUMMY!

Mytek Brooklyn DAC here! Also new Shunyata product coming soon.

We have several Mytek Brooklyn DACs in stock and on demo in both black and silver. This is a great DAC that also does MQA natively, and comes with a well regarded built-in phono stage. It also has a quality headphone amp, and allows for up to DSD 256 and 32/384K playback. On the back it’s inputs/outputs allow for balanced stereo out, unbalanced stereo RCA out and in, 2 SPDIF in, USB, Optical/Toslink, and a built-in attenuator. You can read the reviews here, here, here and here (pdf).

We also have new Shunyata Product on it’s way! More info soon.

The new Oppo UDP-205 Ultra HD BluRay Player is in! In Stock!

We have the brand new Oppo UDP-205 Audiophile Universal Ultra HD BluRay Player just in! This is the audiophile upgraded version of the well reviewed UDP-203 player. We haven’t even had a chance to audition it ourselves. The UDP-205 is a step-up version of the recently released UDP-203, the UDP-205 brings top-of-the-line audio performance to a universal player that supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and many other digital audio and video formats. The audio performance of the OPPO UDP-205 is a significant upgrade over the UDP-203 and previous generation players. The UDP-205 provides reference level sound quality through the analog outputs, improves the clock precision of the HDMI audio output, and increases the power of the built-in headphone amplifier. For the analog output stages, the UDP-205 utilizes two ES9038PRO DACs, which are the flagship of the ESS Sabre Pro series, delivering best-in-class audio performance. (Note: Video streaming services are no longer available on the 203 or 205, just add a Roku 4K or other device and you can connect it to the new Oppo via HDMI to add those features)

You can read more info here.

2Q 2017 Featured Product: Naim Audio Uniti Core Reference Hard-Disk Server

Naim Audio makes hard disks sexy! Ok, no… not in the way you think. But it’s true, that it’s what’s inside that counts (not that the case work is not Naim Audio level quality. It is.). And we don’t necessarily mean the actual ‘guts’ (although those are very nice as well), but… it’s how it performs. We know that many of you have been sitting on the sidelines of the digital music file front, waiting for the best solution to serve up your music without a lot of hassle. Well, that day has finally arrived. Enter the Naim Audio Uniti Core Reference Hard-Disk Server. Forget all of the computer complications, Naim Audio has you covered.

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New Spendor A6R Speakers are here!

We have the new Spendor A6R speakers are here and ready to demo. The new 2-way Spendor speakers feature a 18cm main drive unit with technology developed for the D7 speakers. We also have those Spendor D7s on display in Rosewood finish and are ready to demo now.

Dali Opticon 6 Speakers in our Bamboo Room.

We now have a wonderful pair of Dali Opticon 6 speakers in our Bamboo listening room. These speakers offer a lot for $2,500/pair, and represent a great value for the quality of music they produce. We’ve been enjoying them thoroughly with several different Integrated Amplifiers in our bamboo room, including our new NAD Hybrid Digital DAC Integrated Amplifier C368. The Option 6s have twin 6.5″ low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer, and combine a soft dome and Ribbon Tweeter module. We carry quite an extensive line of Dali speakers across all price ranges, including the Rubicon line (we have Rubicon 6s and Rubicon 8s on our showroom floor ready to demo). Here are reviews for the Opticon 6s here and here. Read More »

The new Pro-Ject Classic turntable is in! Our display unit is finished in Walnut. Come check it out!

We recently received the new Pro-Ject Classic turntable and have one in Walnut finish out on display and ready to demo. It comes with the Ortofon 2M Silver moving magnet cartridge. This is one of those classic turntables that you have to see in person to appreciate, and is certainly a fitting way to mark their 25th anniversary! Come check it out in our bamboo room! More information here and here.

Brand new Moon by Simaudio Neo MiND Network Streaming Music Player

We have the brand new Moon by Simaudio Neo MiND Network Streaming Music Player in stock and ready to audition. This is an upgrade to the previous MiND unit with new Neo casework and an upgraded power supply. In addition to all of it’s original capabilities, they’ve added Bluetooth aptX audio support, as well as a new LED indicator front display to indicate both the current track’s sampling rate as well as the active input type. It comes in Simaudio’s half sized chassis. You can read more about it here.

ProAc D20R back in stock and ready to demo. ProAc D30Rs in stock as well.

We have a fresh new supply of the wonderful ProAc D20R floor standing speakers in stock and in our listening room ready to audition. The D20R is a nice complement to the D30Rs that we carry. If you love the natural mid-range that ProAcs get so ‘right’, then you’ll love the D20R and D30R, with their ribbon tweeters that blend seamlessly with the 6.5″ bass driver. The sound and the look of these speakers are simply gorgeous. D30R review here.

We’re proud to now carry NAD Electronics!

Stereotypes Audio of Portland, OR is excited to be carrying NAD Electronics, including the brand new NAD Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier C368! This is another wonderful All-in-one unit that can also be run with the BluOS app on your mobile device or tablet. It’s an integrated amplifier with a built in DAC, and the ability to expand its capabilities with add on internal modules (including the optional BluOS module). The unit we are demoing in our bamboo room is already sounding great. A lot of value for around a $1,000 (depending on add on modules). We will have more NAD products coming in soon and will post about them as they come in.

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