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We now carry Radius in-ear Hi-Res headphones from Japan. The HP-NHR11 and HP-NHR21 models.

There’s a great new headphone company out of Japan, called Radius… and they have a lines of Hi-Rez Audio in-ear high performance headphones. We carry the HP-NHR11 and HP-NHR21 models. The 11s are $99.95/pair, and the 21s are $280.00/pair. They come with a Lightening Adaptor and an app for your mobile device. Come in to audition a pair today!

Naim Audio Mu-so speakers are $100 off! (Extended in-store!)

We’ve just extended the $100 off deal past the deadline! (in-store only). If you’re looking for one of the best all-in-one simple speaker systems out there (wireless networking powered speaker with built-in DAC and a great app), then look no further than the Naim Audio Mu-so line. Both the full sized Mu-so and the Mu-so Qb are both $100, making for one great value! Come in and check them out!

New ProAc Tablette 10s on demo in Bamboo room

We have the brand new ProAc Tablette 10s in our Bamboo room and ready to demo (well, we’re still breaking them in, but are already sounding amazing! Sealed cabinet. Place anywhere. Great for small spaces. $1,900 for the pair. More info soon!

Deal: 20% off Select Shunyata Power Cables right now.

Contact us to find out our current deals on select Shunyata Power Cables right now. Up to 20% off select Shunyata Power Cables.

We have the brand new ProAc Response DB1 in stock, and they are stunning!

The new ProAc entry level Response speaker is out, and they are truly stunning! The ProAc DB1s are gorgeous to look at, and sound amazing, all in a compact package. If you love the Response D2s, these are a great compliment to the D2. You have to hear them to appreciate how great a compact speaker can sound! You can watch a review in video form here.

New Naim Audio NAC-N 272, NAP 250 DR, and XP5 XS ready to demo! Best sellers!

We now have Naim Audio’s best selling separates in stock and ready to demo! The new Naim Audio NAC-N 272 Preamplifier/DAC, and the Naim Audio NAP 250 DR Amplifier, combined with the Naim Audio XP5 XS Power Supply. This is quite an amazing combo! The NAC-N 272 combines a high quality Preamplifier, along with a high quality UPnP-enabled streaming DAC, allowing you to stream up to 24/192 resolution from Naim servers, a NAS, or a home computer. There is both an iOS and Android Naim Audio app to control music selection, with built in Spotify and native support for TIDAL. The NAP 250 DR amplifier, is another modern Naim classic. Conservatively rated at 80W per channel into 8 ohms. We have added the XP5 XS power supply to further the performance of this winning combo! This is Naim Audio’s best selling separates combo! Read the reviews of the NAC-N 272 here, the NAP 250 DR here, and the XP5 XS here (pdf).

New Bluesound Pulse Soundbar now ready to demo!

We have the brand new Bluesound Pulse Soundbar in stock and ready to audition in our Home Theater room. There are many soundbars out there, and we carry several… but this one is a real stunner and worth the audition. You have to hear it to truly appreciate it. If you have a small space and a TV with bad sound difficult to hear, this is your answer!

New Spendor SP3/1R2 Speakers ready to audition!

We have the newer Spendor SP3/1R2 stand mounted speakers on our floor and they are ready to audition. As per usual, they have stunning wood cabinet finishes as standard, and that amazing Spendor sound! Come audition them today!

New Rega Planar One (PL1) turntables are now in! Only a few close out RP1s left!

We just got in a new shipment of the new Rega Planar One (PL1) turntables in stock, adding to the Planar 2 and 3‘s we have of the updated tables. We only have 3 Rega RP1 close out turntables left! If you want a deal on a great last gen table, then come see us soon! We also have the difficult to find discontinued Rega Queen special edition turntables, but only a few left! We’ll even give you $100 off. And coming up in December, we’ll be receiving the new Pro-Ject Classic turntables with the wood base. We will have the walnut and eucalyptus models, with dust cover and Ortofon 2M silver cartridge ($1,095)

Did you get a new iPhone 7? We have new Beyerdynamic bluetooth headphones for you!

Apple recently removed the headphone jack on their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Sure… they have their own wireless buds, but… why use those when you can have new bluetooth earbuds from Beyerdynamics!? We have the Beyerdynamic Byron BT and BTA bluetooth earbuds now in stock. We also have several great portable DAC/headphone amps from Chord and Oppo. These are another great option for the new iPhone 7.

New Rogue RP1 Tube Preamplifier ready to demo and our Focal Sopra No. 2s go red!

We have the new Rogue RP1 tube Preamplifier ready to demo in our bamboo listening room, and wow… is this sounding gorgeous! And at $1,695 it’s quite an amazing value! We’ve been listening to it with the Harbeth P3ESRs and it’s a wonderful combination! It comes with a top notch phono stage built in. Also, if you’ve already checked out the Focal Sopra No.2 floor standers we have, we now have a pair in red! It’s like having a Ferrari parked in our main listening room. Truly stunning. Visually and musically.

Featured Product: Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE!

Be sure to check out our Featured Product of the quarter: The Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE! Read about it here. Then come hear it!

New Shunyata Research Hydra Denali Series Power Conditioners in stock and on demo!

We have the brand new Shunyata Denali line of power conditioners from Shunyata Research in stock and on the floor ready to demo. We’ve been enjoying both the amazing sound and wonderful new form factor of this new line from Shunyata! It’s nice not having to bend too far down or get behind gear to reach the power plugs. This new Hydra line falls just below the Hydra Typhoon series, and comes in three form factors, standard shelf unit (D6000/S) with a 20-amp breaker, the new tall form factor flagship 600oT with two high current outlets and four source/preamp outlets with the new ‘medical’ filters and a 30-amp electromagnetic breaker, and then finally the smaller vertical floor unit, the 2000/T, with 2 outlets and a 20-amp breaker. Already garnering high praise, we can’t wait to fully put these pieces through their paces! Come audition a Denali today!

New shipment of ELAC Speakers now in!!! Including A-stock UB5s!

Our new shipment of ELAC Speakers has hit our stores today, and we have exciting news. We even have the ‘A-stock’ Uni-Fi UB5s in now, first real shipment to the states of this much awaited product! These have only been previously available as an early B stock run. We also have the Debut F5 floor standers in this shipment as well. The B6 Debut speakers that have been out of stock, are still on back order, but we hope to get soon in a second shipment. Stay tuned and check back soon about final delivery of the B6s. All of the ELAC Speakers are garnering tons of press and praise, and have been a favorite of the budget conscience. ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 reviews here, here and here, and the UF5 here.


New in Stock! New Record Doctor V cleaning machine. New heavy metal Speaker stands.

We just got in the brand new Record Doctor V cleaning machine, for you vinyl enthusiasts out there! We’re just testing it out it’s so new! Come check it out! For those of you looking for heavy duty metal speaker stands that are fillable, we have some new options now in stock. In both a heavy weight as well as a mid-weight version. They come in 24″ and 28″ options.

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