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The new Oppo UDP-205 Ultra HD BluRay Player is in! In Stock!

We have the brand new Oppo UDP-205 Audiophile Universal Ultra HD BluRay Player just in! This is the audiophile upgraded version of the well reviewed UDP-203 player. We haven’t even had a chance to audition it ourselves. The UDP-205 is a step-up version of the recently released UDP-203, the UDP-205 brings top-of-the-line audio performance to […]

2Q 2017 Featured Product: Naim Audio Uniti Core Reference Hard-Disk Server

Naim Audio makes hard disks sexy! Ok, no… not in the way you think. But it’s true, that it’s what’s inside that counts (not that the case work is not Naim Audio level quality. It is.). And we don’t necessarily mean the actual ‘guts’ (although those are very nice as well), but… it’s how it performs. We […]

The new Oppo UDP-203 4K BluRay players are in stock!

The new Oppo 4K Ultra UHD BluRay disc players are in stock, the UDP-203! These are the ones everyone has been waiting for! While this model isn’t their usual top end flavor of player (coming later this year), it’s already being called the ‘best 4K Ultra HD BluRay disc player out there.’ I could tell […]

New Oppo UHD UDP-203 Players are here.

You’ve probably already heard about the Ultra HD BluRay format, and have seen the ‘other players’ on the market, but wondered… ‘where is Oppo?’ Well, the new UDP-203 UHD player are here!!! This will be their base model. The expected high-end upgraded model typically comes out 6 months to a year later. We will let you know when […]

20th Anniversary Sale Has Been Extended! Our Biggest Sale Ever! (now through the end of May)

Sale now extended through the end of May, we’re having our BIGGEST SALE EVER!!! Come help us celebrate our 20th anniversary with huge savings and deals. Limited to new stock on hand, demos and back stock only. Many items at up to 20% off! Includes new, demo, used, and trade ups! Sale is limited to […]

The new Oppo BDP-105 is in!

We have the brand new audiophile version of Oppo’s latest Blu-Ray player, the BDP-105 in stock. We also have lots of Oppo BDP-103s, as well as the well reviewed Oppo BDP-95 (that the 105 replaces). New upgrades over the 95 include: Headphone jack, built in DAC that’s externally accessible for connecting to a computer, new […]

New Naim Audio ready for audition!

We have several new Naim Audio pieces in that are on our floor and ready for audition. A new streamer (ND5 XS), a new preamplifier (NAC-N XS), and one of Naim’s more affordable separate amplifiers (NAP 200) to compliment these pieces. First up, the new Naim ND5 XS, this is the ‘junior’ model to the […]

The new Oppo BDP-103 BluRay Univeral players are in!

The new Oppo BDP-103 BluRay Univeral players are in! These replace the last generation Oppo BDP-93 players. These should be a hot seller this fall/holiday season. Click here to read more.

Yamaha CRX-040 All-in-One Solution

Great gift idea perfect for the bedroom, dorm room, office … The Yamaha CRX-040 is an all-in-one player, microsize, complete with speakers, all for $279. Features: FM/AM, iPod dock, CD player, USB input, Portable input, and Headphone jack Five colors available.

New Simaudio 650 DAC/CD transport just in.

We recently received the new Simaudio 650 DAC/CD transport, and have it starting to break in. This is an amazing combo of top level Simaudio DAC, combined with a CD transport. You can have both in one box! Check out the reviews here. More information to come as we start to put it through it’s […]

Marantz M-CR603 Receiver with Networking in stock now

We recently got the new Marantz M-CR603 Receiver in, and we’re still finding out new things that it can do. It’s even AirPlay compatible with a system update. Think of it as a compact swiss army knife of audio, streaming and networking audio, and it STILL has a CD drive. How rare are physical disc transports […]

Expired: Stereotypes Audio 18th Anniversary Sale! Celebrate with 18% off!* (Now Officially Over)

**Expired. Sale Now Officially Over. Thanks to all who came in! Stereotypes Audio 18th Anniversary Sale this weekend! May 18th, 19th, and 20th THREE DAYS ONLY! SAVE 18% during our 18th Anniversary Celebration Everything* in stock including: All speakers, demos, electronics, wire, cable, stands, and more on sale for this very special event only! (*Excludes […]

Rega Apollo-R CD Players in now!

The brand spankin’ new Apollo R CD Players is in at Stereotypes Audio, and it comes in the convenient new half sized case that the new Brio-R and the DAC come in. It’s the perfect match for those that want the compact set up. It’s already garnering great reviews. (check out a review here). We […]

New Cambridge Audio Azur 651 Integrated Amp and 651 CD Player are in.

We have the new Cambridge Audio Azur 651 Integrated Amplifier and the Azur 651 CD Player are in and ready to demo. Adding to the list of great new Cambridge Audio Gear, are the Cambridge Audio Minx speakers, DAC Magic Plus, and the NP30 Network Player! If you have grown to love the great sound and value that Cambridge […]

New Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus is here! (an update to the original)

When Cambridge Audio released the first DAC Magic, it became quite the instant sensation for it’s amazing sound and high value. Since then, the DAC landscape has become increasingly more competitive. To counter this, Cambridge Audio has just unleashed it’s update, the DAC Magic Plus! Adding to an already impressive original release, it now comes […]

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