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New Yumi YU4 and YU6 Powered Speakers ready to demo up front

We have the newer Yumi YU4 and YU6 powered speakers up front in a very simple vinyl set up, ready to audition the moment you walk in! These powered speakers have Bluetooth 4.0, a subwoofer output, a built-in DAC and the YU4s have a built-in Phono stage to play your favorite vinyl. Just add a […]

Subs, Subs, Subs! We carry a subwoofer for every need and price range! JL Audio subs starting at $799!

If you’ve been considering adding a subwoofer to your stereo or multichannel system, there’s no better time than now! The well regarded subwoofer make, JL Audio has taken there top of the line Fathom/Gotham line first down to the JL Audio eSub line, and now down to the new JL Audio Dominion line. We carry […]

Stereotypes Audio products clean up in the TAS Product of the Year latest issue!

The latest issue of The Absolute Sound showing casing the Product of the Year 2015, has products carried by Portland’s Stereotypes Audio well represented. For AC Power Cord of the Year, our Shunyata Sigma power cord (in analog or digital, HC) got top nods. The Kimber Select cable line received top “Interconnects & Cables of the […]

Quick Update: New JL Audio Fathom 112 V2; Queen Rega Table; New Bluesound Node 2/Vault2; and more!

We have the new JL Audio Fathom 112 v2 in and ready to demo. We also have the limited edition “Queen” Rega turntable, as well as the brand new Bluesound Node 2 and the Bluesound Vault 2 (the other “2” Bluesound gear is coming soon). This also means we have great deals on the first gen […]

New Products in…. Parasound Halo Integrated, Cambridge CX series, and more!

To say that ‘we’ve got a lot of new products in’ would be an understatement. Here’s a short list of some of what we’ve unboxed recently. We’ve got the new Parasound Halo Integrated amplifier. This one will be sure to please not only the reviewers, but the listeners. We also have the new Cambridge CX […]

New Moon Neo 280D DAC by Simaudio is in! Also new JL Audio 8″ sub $1k subwoofer!

We’ve got some new products in for you this week at Stereotypes Audio of Portland! We’ve been breaking in the all new Moon Neo 280D DAC this week, and it’s sounding great! DSD256, 32/384, Neo case, bluetooth, full asynchronous USB, and optional MiND. Starting at just $2,200, it’s a price/performance breakthrough for amazing sound. You’ve […]

High End Wireless and Whole House Sound with BlueSound! (and Tidal High Rez Streaming Service)

Whole house audio and wireless music has become a hot category these days, with lots of players emerging everyday. But one newer player has a well established pedigree to back it up: BlueSound. They are made up of designers, engineers and individuals from the music industry, hailing from such great audio companies as NAD and PSB, […]

New! Here!: Auralic Aries Streamer, Focal Dimension Sound Bar and Marantz NR-1605 AVRs

The heavily anticipated Auralic Aries Streamer that can stream full high resolution audio (even DSD) is here! We have several units in stock for this initial introduction, including the base model and the LE. We also already have the Focal Dimension SoundBar in stock and available for $1,399 on it’s own, or as a combo […]

We have the brand new JL Audio CR-1 Active Home Audio Subwoofer Crossover in!

So brand spankin’ new, there’s very little information about it even up at JL Audio’s own site, we now have it and are getting it ready for the floor. This new product will provide a much needed tool in your arsenal to seamlessly blend your great JL Audio Fathom, Gotham or E-Sub into your main […]

We’re now carrying the PSB 100 line of Subwoofers at Stereotypes!

The only place in Portland to find PSB, is proud to carry the new 100 line of Subwoofers from PSB. They make a great match to the Alpha series, as well as many of our other PSB speakers. Tiny in size, but not in sound, it’s a great choice for the space and budget conscience. […]

The New JL Audio E-Subs in Stock. We know you want one….

We know you’ve been lusting after one of JL Audio’s famous Fathom and Gotham subwoofers for awhile now. You’ve read the reviews. Maybe you’ve heard them on our showroom floor. But with JL Audio really recommending them in pairs, how could you spring for one or two? Well, JL Audio has heard your sighs, and […]

Expired: Stereotypes Audio 18th Anniversary Sale! Celebrate with 18% off!* (Now Officially Over)

**Expired. Sale Now Officially Over. Thanks to all who came in! Stereotypes Audio 18th Anniversary Sale this weekend! May 18th, 19th, and 20th THREE DAYS ONLY! SAVE 18% during our 18th Anniversary Celebration Everything* in stock including: All speakers, demos, electronics, wire, cable, stands, and more on sale for this very special event only! (*Excludes […]

Stereotypes Audio now a JL Audio dealer, new F112 Fathom Sub in store

Stereotypes Audio of Portland, Oregon is now carrying JL Audio home audio subwoofers, and just got in the F112 Fathom home subwoofer. We are unboxing it and should have it up and running this weekend! Come in and check it out!

News: PSB speaker prices going up October 1. Act now.

We’ve just gotten word that most of the speakers in the PSB line of speakers we carry, are going up approximately 10% in price on October 1. If you have been holding out on your PSB speaker purchase decision, now may be the best time to act! Stop in for more information on which PSB […]

The Focal ‘Bird’ 2.1 system has landed and it sings beautifully… come hear.

The new Bird from Focal is here! If you haven’t heard any of the buzz yet on this amazing compact system, prepare to be blown away. The Bird is a concept line of Focal loudspeakers created to satisfy the expectations of music lovers in terms of both innovation and ease of use. Maximum music in […]

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