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Computer/Server Based Audio

Convenience is the name of the game, but now better sound can be had as well. We offer a variety of technology options to make your music better, whether it be Mac or Windows, or a component-based system. We have a wide selection of top DACs, servers, and controllers from the Bluesound Node 2, to the Simaudio MiND, to the Naim Uniti line, to the AURALiC Aries Streaming Bridge to the gorgeous Devialet music system. Let us help you get better sound from your digital collection.

Server-based options are also a great choice for those with space issues. We have compact systems starting at just $279. From the experienced technophile to the starter, we cater to all sides. Those digital 1s and 0s don’t have to sound cold and compressed. A good DAC (Digital Analog Converter) can really put the life back into those files, turning another track listing into actual music. Some of the best computer/server-based options can even rival some of the best “physical format” CD players, due to the lack of moving parts that can introduce jitter and other unwanted audio issues. A good DAC can also add new life to an average CD player, by bypassing it’s own base level conversion.

The Bluesound Node 2 combined with an external DAC or using the built-in DAC and their Desktop and Mobile apps, make the whole process very easy, affordable, and sound amazing. You can use them as an add-on DAC or streaming server to an existing system, or even use it as a complete system. It’s great for the office or modest space. The new NAIM DAC is a recent staff favorite. The best part is, an iPod/iPhone/iPad or other smart device can be used to control many of these new systems (including the Uniti). You have ultimate control of your collection from anywhere in the house with a device you probably already own. There’s no need for proprietary and expensive “single use” touch screen controllers.

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