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High End Wireless and Whole House Sound with BlueSound! (and Tidal High Rez Streaming Service)

Whole house audio and wireless music has become a hot category these days, with lots of players emerging everyday. But one newer player has a well established pedigree to back it up: BlueSound. They are made up of designers, engineers and individuals from the music industry, hailing from such great audio companies as NAD and PSB, with their focus solely on audio quality, they’ve unleashed a full onslaught of high end wireless audio products to give you a complete solution. While other whole house systems do a great job of streaming music easily throughout the home, BlueSound adds better than CD quality, with resolutions up to 24/192! (the other players can’t do that. And BlueSound now does Tidal!). With a complete ecosystem of products that includes the Node (A wireless ‘node’ with a built in quality DAC that allows you to stream your music collection to your existing stereo system, including internet radio and cloud music services like Tidal), Powernode (The ‘node’ with an integrated amplifier to allow you to ‘just add speakers’), Pulse (A simple to set up wireless high performance speaker with an innovative built in amp), Vault (RIP and store your CD collection in high resolution, as well as your other HiRez files to serve the other BlueSound products) and Duo (Add a wireless subwoofer to any room with 280watts of power with two satellite speakers). Each product works flawlessly with the other, and allows you to build your system as needed or desired. All of the products come in black or white, and work flawlessly with either an iOS, Android or Windows app to control the whole system from wherever in the house you are. If you’ve been in the market for a wireless whole house system, but have been wanting to find something ‘better’ and ‘more,’ this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Easy, expandable, and high quality sound. Read the reviews here, here, herehere, and here.

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