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Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE: 1Q 2017 Featured Product

Featured Product: Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE

Technology has made an entirely ‘Brave New World’ in HiFi audio these days… and mostly for the better. But with it comes the potential for a lot of complications and learning curve… At least… that’s how many perceive this brave new world. DACs, downloads, streaming, WiFi, Bluetooth, ethernet, hard drives, etc. Not to mention AIFF, WAV, MP3, DSD, 16/44, 24/96, 24/88, 24/192, 32/384, DSD, double DSD, Quad DSD… oh my!!!!! How can you get the best sound and modern advances, but without all of the potential headache and complications? And what about price? Well… Moon by SImaudio has been thinking about you.

Our featured product this quarter is the Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE, unveiled earlier this year and now sweetly playing in our bamboo room. ACE? A Complete Experience (ACE). Think of it as a truly audiophile-grade ‘Swiss Army Knife,’ created by the one and only Moon by Simaudio, and all at a rather attractive price.

So… What’s it got? … and what do I need?

Well… “Just add speakers and speaker wire”… and of course you’ll want to have an internet connection…  and some audio files. It contains the Simaudio MiND, a very “well-seasoned” streamer with it’s own software to drive it. (running on both iOS and Android). Very few manufactures have been at this as long as Simaudio, or do it quite as well. With the built in MiND unit, you’re not just getting a streamer, you’re getting an entire ‘system’ that just works! And… it also does Tidal Music Service natively within the app. Add to that 50 watts of class A/B high quality Simaudio power, their wonderful preamplifier section, an overachieving built in DAC, an OLED front display screen (with a screensaver setting), 3 line-level inputs, including a front-mounted 1/8” mini-jack for personal media players (iPods, iPhones, Android phones, etc.), 8 digital inputs, including a USB (hi-res audio), 2 SPDIF, 2 Optical, Bluetooth with aptX, WiFi, and Ethernet inputs. It also includes a Moving Magnetic phono preamplifier, should you want to bring a turntable to play vinyl into the mix. Over the past several years, Simaudio has built quite a reputation in the headphone world, with their 430HA and 230HAD headphone amps… and with the ACE, they haven’t left out the headphone crowd, including a 1/4” headphone output. It also comes with a great IR remote control.

This is ‘apartment-friendly’ simplicity at it’s best.

While there are many “All-in-one” HiFi options these days, (and we carry several, from the sub $1k Cambridge Minx Xi half sized unit or full sized Azur units, all the way to one of the $7K and up Devialet Audiophile Systems) there really hasn’t been anything this wonderful at this price point. And with the sound and quality that you would come to expect from a company like Simaudio. It’s size and simplicity make it the perfect ‘roommate’ for an apartment audio system these days. As many look to streamline and simplify their lives in apartments and townhouse, size matters. This gives you a rack full of features and sound… but in one unit.

Do you have a Home Theater setup, but want better stereo sound?

For those that already have a home theater setup, but are looking to improve their two channel stereo piece of the system to a much higher standard, this is an ‘all at once’ solution that can take over the Left and Right duties with it’s Home Theater bypass. Listen to two-channel stereo at a quality level that only Simaudio can provide, while still continuing to serve your home theater surround sound needs. Simple.

And what about sound?

The sound that you come to expect from Moon by Simaudio: Great resolution, imaging and soundstage. Fast and detailed, with great attack. Powerful for only 50 watts, while still creating a very neutral, yet natural presentation. It also comes with the well regarded Simaudio 10-year warranty. It’s Hand-built in Canada, and still able to participate in Simaudio’s generous trade-up program.

If you’re looking to get a start in the world of HiF or maybe simplify your current system, or even add to a Home Theater setup… but yearn for an easy one-step solution to get there? Then look no further than the Moon by Simaudio ACE. Just add speakers, and you’re ready to discover a whole new audio experience.

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