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Stereotypes Audio products clean up in the TAS Product of the Year latest issue!

The latest issue of The Absolute Sound showing casing the Product of the Year 2015, has products carried by Portland’s Stereotypes Audio well represented. For AC Power Cord of the Year, our Shunyata Sigma power cord (in analog or digital, HC) got top nods. The Kimber Select cable line received top “Interconnects & Cables of the year” with the KS 6068 speaker wire, KS 1036 RCA interconnects and KS 1136 balanced interconnects. And for the top headphones, the entry level Oppo PM-3s take the award (they also kill those ‘beat’ focused competition with way more detail and refinement, while still maintaining a solid bottom end!). In the Portable DAC of the year, the Chord Hugo takes top nods. This is a great battery powered DAC for on the road, or even at home with DSD 128 and up to 384kHz PCM. And for those that want ‘more bass’, the JL Audio Gotham and CR-1 Crossover take “Cost No Object” sub of the year. While were not currently running the Gotham with the CR-1, we have tried it with our new JL Audio Fathom v2 and it sounds fantastic! Our new ELAC Debut B5 also took top “Affordable Stand-Mount loudspeaker” of the year award at $229/pair. These things really are overachievers! And our new Harbeth SuperHL5plus Loudspeaker took “Upper-End Stand-Mount Loudspeaker” of the year. Thinking of going vinyl? Our Rega RP-10 took their top honors for “Mid-Priced Turntable of the Year”, but we have turntables at nearly every price point… especially at the entry level range. And always in the ‘overachiever’ category is the Rogue line up of products, our Rogue Audio RP-5 took “Affordable Preamplifier of the Year” award for best tubed line stage. As always, there were several top products that we carry feeling ‘robbed’ for not garnering their own top honors, but we couldn’t be greedy and take all of the awards home. Come check out these top products and take home a great present to put under your favorite music fans tree this year!TAS_Pages

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