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TAS 50 Greatest Bargains In High End Audio, many here at Stereotypes Audio

The latest edition of The Absolute Sound (Nov 2017) features the “50 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio” for which we have many of the featured products on hand and ready to demo. In the “Entry Level” section, it covers the ELAC Debut B5 and ELAC Debut F5 speakers ($229 for the B5 bookshelf speakers and $560 for the floor stander F5s), as well as the Rega Planar 1 turntable at $475, and the NAD D3020 Integrated Amplifier at $499. The NAD Integrated Amplifiers have a long history of providing great value. No other Portland, Oregon store carries these great values. We currently have this system set up with a Rega Fono Mini phono stage. If you’re ready to get started in great high end sound without breaking the bank, start here at Stereotypes Audio, where we have components and systems at EVERY price point.

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