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The Focal ‘Bird’ 2.1 system has landed and it sings beautifully… come hear.

The new Bird from Focal is here! If you haven’t heard any of the buzz yet on this amazing compact system, prepare to be blown away. The Bird is a concept line of Focal loudspeakers created to satisfy the expectations of music lovers in terms of both innovation and ease of use. Maximum music in the smallest possible size in an affordable package. All with a strong identity.  It’s great for the office as a desktop computer set up, allowing for the main unit with sub to sit below the monitor, or as a small room 2.1 system to hang right on the wall with your flat screen TV, a kitchen, bedroom. Anywhere you want an easy set up, but amazing sound. It comes with it’s own built in DAC, integrated amplifier, and subwoofer. There are three speaker pack options: Little Bird, Bird, or Super Bird. The Bird is the bridge between “real” music (tangible disc based), and “virtual” music, on a hard disk or a music player, thanks to integrated wireless audio transmission. Virtual music is easy, you just have to connect the iTransmitter to the Apple music player and it will automatically transmit to the Power Bird in wireless mode: same audio transmission as a CD player, no compression, no loss. Thanks to the free Focal Remote application, your music will follow you from one room to another, everywhere in the house, simply by selecting the area. During the second half of 2011, Focal’s wireless option will be completed by the USB Transmitter to connect to your Mac or PC for audio transmission of your entire sound library. A dock will later be available to permit wireless transmission, device charging and audio data transfer. Get the tease here. But better yet, come hear it set up at Stereotypes Audio in Portland.

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