Rega Planar 6 Turntable

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Featured Product: Rega Planar 6 Turntable

For nearly 45 years, UK based Rega has been producing some of the top turntables in the business. While you can always spend more or could even spend less, it’s hard to find fault with the high level of performance you get at each price point that Rega is entrenched at. Whether it’s the Planar 1 or all the way up to the current RP10, you get ‘best in class’ performance per dollar at each price point. Our current featured product, the Rega Planar 6 (PL6) makes the strongest case for ‘value’ yet.

Topping the previous RP6 was no easy feet, but they went back to the drawing board and have borrowed heavily from the plinth technology found in the Rega RP8, as well as borrowing the technology from the RP10’s external power supply, providing an all new power supply, the Neo PSU. It uses a crystal controlled oscillator to create a perfectly stepped sine wave to deliver a perfect vibration free power supply to the motor, as well as perfect timing. While the plinth uses a Tancast 8 polyurethane foam – a material developed for the aerospace industry, it does not use the same ‘skeletal’ design in the RP8 and RP10. This all new process based on their trickle down technology provides the perfect balance between lightness and sturdiness, that allows it’s low mass to provide the hallmark Rega sound. All Rega Planar 6 turntables come in a gorgeous matte powder gray finish, with a smoke gray tinted dust cover. (Sorry, no wild colors for the Planar 6, but with it’s classic good looks, you won’t miss it).

Adding to this mix is the new RB330 tonearm found in the new Planar 3, but with an upgraded stainless-steel balance weight. Other updates include a custom-machined drive pulley, a single-piece aluminium sub-platter, and the new NEO PSU.

Three Ways to Have it.
The P6 is available in three different versions. For $1,595 you get the table itself without a cartridge. There two versions above that where Rega bundles the Planar 6 with two of their cartridges, offering significant package savings. (you will save $200 by purchasing the package versus buying the cartridge and the turntable separately.) For $1,995 you can get the Rega Planar 6 paired with the Rega Exact moving magnet cartridge. But… Rega has added a new option that is putting a great big smile on everyone’s face, Rega’s brand new Ania moving coil cartridge. This MC cartridge is based on their more expensive Alpheta 2 MC, and when partnered to the Planar 6… it’s a match made in heaven… all for $2,195.

While we are all drawn to gear that immediately grabs you, the Rega Planar 6 just ‘sounds right’, with an astonishingly refined and mature sound rarely heard at this price point. It balances resolution, timing, subtlety, and a musicality that is effortlessly precise and quiet… really quiet. The Rega Planar 6 truly raises the bar on what we have come to expect from a turntable at this price point, and will provide the vinyl fan with many years of music enjoyment. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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