Music is a Lifestyle

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These days everyone is talking about simplifying their life, and focusing on what really matters. Here at Stereotypes Audio, we still believe that music matters. It’s what connects us to life and to each other. Whether spending time with your family playing games or chatting with close friends over wine, music provides the soundtrack for our experiences.

While portable music players, smartphones, streamers, streaming services and music servers have made accessing music even more immediate and convenient, it also has partly diminished the significance of music in our lives. Quite often it’s ‘just there’ now, always on, but never at the forefront. It’s time to bring it back to the front of the mix. The recent resurgence of vinyl is a good example of this. Sure, a lot more time and care goes into vinyl/analogue playback, but that same care also puts a greater value on the time we spend with it. We are more likely to slow down and enjoy the time we spend with music, and with each other. It’s the forgotten ritual of music. Listening. Engaging. Escaping.

Stereotypes Audio has gone to great lengths to set up one of most comfortable and relaxing listening environments in the audio business. You’ll feel so right at home, you may lose yourself in the music and forget that you’re shopping. Grab a bottle of wine or ale and make it an event. That’s how we live here. Join us.

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