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Multichannel/Home Theater

A lot has been made of home theater and surround sound over the years, but it still comes down to great picture AND great sound. The best way to get the most out of your high definition picture is to invest in better sound: Quality speakers, receivers, and disc players; DVD, BluRay, SACD, DVD-A, multichannel downloads and 4K Ultra HD! Wireless? It’s a lot to unravel, but we can help you sort it all out. And now with streaming, the future is moving full speed ahead. Whether you are streaming music through Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora, or video streaming through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu or Hulu. Don’t settle for some canned big box ‘solution’ from manufacturers that spend more on marketing than they do on the actual product.

We currently have two dedicated surround sound systems to ready audition in our Multichannel/Home Theater room: A Focal Aria and Dali Opticon 6 surround sound speaker set up. Both of these two lines of speakers sound amazing, offering great value. We also have a Bluesound Pulse soundbar (as well as several other soundbar options) set up for those wanting to keep it simple. You can even add two Bluesound Flex speakers and a Pulse Sub to their soundbar, for a wireless surround sound setup (needs new BluOS app software to set up).

We work with some of the best installers in the business, and can work with you on the best solution for your home. We offer components from Integra, Marantz, Oppo, Parasound and Cambridge Audio, with front and surround speakers from Focal, PSB, ELAC and Dali. Our HDTVs are from Samsung and subwoofers from JL Audio and PSB. For those that like to ‘keep it simple,’ we also offer one box multi speaker sound bars from Focal and Sonos, as well as a unique sound bar/separate subwoofer combo from Cambridge Audio. We have something for everyone at nearly EVERY price point. Ultimately, it’s about recreating the best soundstage to enhance and make your best image. Come check out our dedicated multichannel/home theater surround sound room and get lost in the experience.

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