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Rega RP-8 with Dynavector XX-2 cartridge now ready to audition!

We now have the amazing new Rega RP-8, with an upgraded cartridge, the Dynavector XX-2 MC  up and running and sounding AMAZING! This is the brand new skeleton style plinth that Rega has been working on for quite awhile, and now it’s finally out in the wild, and ready to play some sweet analog sounds! In addition to the new plinth, it comes with a new tonearm bearing assembly, a 24v low volt-age motor controlled by the TTPSU, and a custom version of the P9 hub bearing assembly. With the RB808 Tonearm, new plinth, and other enhancements, this new table gets you as close as you can get to Rega’s best, at a much lower price point. You can also use the new table with it’s outer plinth and dust cover. This is one special turntable, and is already garnering great praise from around the industry. Read here.

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