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Shunyata Research and Stereotypes Audio. A winning combo. Find out why.

Right now we have some great deals on Anaconda power cables, but you have to come visit us to find out. The updated Anaconda and Python power cables are some of Shunyata’s latest and greatest advancements! The Anaconda and Pythons are definitely ones to be ‘bit’ by. We have several in stock, but when we run out, these babies get made to order right here in the Pacific Northwest. Located in Poulsbo, Washington, Shunyata Research has been making some of the best power cables, distribution systems, and signal cables in the business for almost 10 years. A good portion of their product line is made right there in Poulsbo. Kind of makes us proud to have them right here in our own backyard. We have the new Shunyata Triton and Talos Power Distribution systems on the floor and ready to demo. Come hear the real difference a quality power distributor will make. We also have the amazing value Venom power cables that make stock cables sound just silly, priced so competitively that you could easily replace all of your stock power cables without going broke. Are you passionate about Naim Audio? We’ve found Shunyata cables to be the best fit for Naim, and we’ve tried just about everything with Naim. It’s a match made in heaven. Right now, you can get a free Diamondback C19 power cable with the purchase of any Hydra. You can’t go wrong! So good, it’s used by some of the best in the recording industry, from James Guthrie to Rick Ruben to Skywalker Sound, and even used for in house testing by our favorite Minnesota hifi audio brand, Audio Research. Come in now and hear what all the praise you’ve reading is all about. In fact, we are so impressed with what an improvement Shunyata power cords can make in your system, that we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days, and a trade up opportunity to purchase any Shunyata power cable or Hydra unit, and be able to upgrade for just the difference in price. That’s a 100% credit back on any Shunyata power cable or Hydra towards an upgrade. The cable must be a current model, and must have been purchased from Stereotypes Audio.

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