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Spendor D7 Loudspeakers hit all of the right notes with Stereophile Magazine

“The D7 is one of the finest loudspeakers I have had in my listening room.
Here’s an excerpt from a recent review in Stereophile Magazine of the amazing Spendor D7 loudspeakers we’ve been enjoying here at Stereotypes Audio (Portland, Oregon):

The D7s gave me the kind of imaging and image specificity I associate with small stand-mounted monitors. I take back everything bad I’ve written about floorstanding speakers.
I noticed especially fine treble dispersion and extension, as well as freedom from any harshness. The treble had a crystal-line clarity that put the Spendor D7 among the finest speakers I have heard at any price.
What I found especially rare about the D7, for a relatively small loudspeaker, was its authority, weight, and speed. You could spend far more for a speaker and not get such a fast, highly resolving sound, and such a sweet midrange.
Few loudspeakers can convey the power without the aid of a pesky subwoofer or two. Or without pooping out. The D7s could. The D7s didn’t seem overly fussy. The bass control was equally firm with the Quicksilver Silver 88s, as it was with the solid state Musical Fidelity M6PRX. Through these quite different power amps, the D7s’ sound remained, overall, surprisingly consistent.

The D7 is a splendid Spendor. One might seriously question the need to spend any more than $6,495 for a pair of speakers.”

– Sam Tellig, Stereophile Class A Recommended Component, September 2014 (read the full review here.)

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