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Chord Hugo Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier helps brings your HiFi audio system with you

Chord Electronics new Hugo…. is it a DAC? (in the same vein as their QuteHD Chordette) is it a portable headphone amp? Is it a pre-amp? Yes. And it’s called Hugo. As per usual, Chord has built a cute and well machined unique and small device. Complete with it’s glowing colored lights and an array of connections. But… you could care less about glowing colored lights of course. How does it sound? Well, both the headphone/portable world and HiFi community are taking notice at this little device that could. It will do any and all files up to 24/384kHz and DSD/DXD as a DAC, complete with line-level, single-ended outputs, two USB sockets, optical TOSLINK, Coax, three headphone outputs, and even Bluetooth. And with it being portable, it can run loose in the wild for up to 12 hours on a two-hour charge. We’re still putting ours through it’s paces (just recently coming out of the box), but plenty of reviewers have high praise for it’s musicality, 3D dimensionality and presenting an overall involving experience. It can drive even some of the more demanding headphones with ease. Come in and take it for a test drive yourself! Read the reviews here, here and here.

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