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PMC Speakers: We have an extensive line up of some of the Recording Industry’s most recognized speaker brands!

We’ve been carrying the British PMC (Professional Monitor Company) speaker line for nearly a year now, and our line up of these fine speakers continues to expand. We now have the GB1i floorstander, the DB1i bookshelf, the twenty•24 floorstander, the twenty•23 floorstander, the twenty•21 bookshelf, and the amazing reference level Fact 8 floorstander. PMC Speakers are used as the reference monitor speakers in some of the finest studios in the world, but some of the best engineers, composers, and music artists. Thomas Newman who just scored the latest Bond film Skyfall, used PMC monitor speakers for the music writing process. PMC is one of the very few speaker companies to have been awarded an Emmy for their work in recording excellence. The list of engineers and artists (Brian May of Queen, Coldplay, Elbow, Stevie Wonder, Tori Amos) who solely use PMC speakers is so long, you’d be better off listing who doesn’t use PMC. They even are hosting a special event in NYC soon to showcase great sound, featuring Grammy winning recording engineers.

Why PMC? They are among some of the most natural and revealing speakers out there. The art and the technology (utilizing their ATL™ Advanced Transmission Line Loudspeaker design and drive unit technology) of these speakers sets industry standards. (they also put the industry on notice with their amazing 20-year warranty that is four times the industry standard. Clearly, PMC is confident about the quality of their products.)

The Fact 8 has resolution and detail in spades, featuring twin fact bass drivers and a ultra high resolution fact tweeter. Within minutes of an audition, you’ll realize all of the subtle nuances of the various audio gear we demo here, from DACs to Network/CD players. The Fact 8 just reveals the truth with an awe-inspiring dynamic sound.

We could go on and on about the amazing sound, the gorgeous finishes, but you really need to stop by to hear these three lines that we carry. From the iseries, to the twenty series, to the Fact 8s. Come audition a pair today…. and… bring the recording studio sound home. Read a review of the twenty•24 here. a review of the twenty•23 here. the twenty•21 here, the GB1i here, the DB1i here. and finally a review of the award winning Fact 8 here.

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