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Rocky Mountain AudioFest: Recap

We had a great time at this year’s Rocky Mountain AudioFest Show. This was our first trip to the show in Denver, and apparently it was one of the biggest ones yet. A great time was had by all, good music, great audio, amazing food, and even our hotel had over 15 amazing microbrews on tap. Does it get any better? We really enjoyed hooking up with several of our favorite distributors and brands.

Our friends at Rega were putting out some good tunes, and we’re showing off their fun and affordable new Rega Mini Fono, with a built in USB connection for basic vinyl ripping. The also were playing our favorite new affordable piece, the Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier. Steve Daniels, owner of the Sound Organization was also on hand to show off the latest audio gear.

Naim as also showing off the latest in their Uniti all in one/streaming/Integrated Amplifier, the new SuperUniti. This is their top of the line Uniti product, and sounded amazing! We continue to be impressed with this simple to use, but wonderful sounding Uniti music streaming units. They are on par or surpass the sound of some of their best traditional CD disc players. To top it off, they had an iPad just sitting their that they encouraged everyone to pick up and find whatever favorite track they wanted to demo.

We also heard nice music coming from  a room with an Audio Research VSi60 Integrated Tube Amplifier being fed by their ARC CD5 player and transparent, powering some nice Nola speakers.

One of our favorite events their was the Canjam, featuring a HUGE ballroom full of headphones, headphone amps, DACs and headphone accessories. We were so moved and impressed by some of these products, that we may just have to pick up a few new product lines that we heard there. Stay tuned! (get ready for your ears to be spoiled). There were so many new exciting products coming down the pipe from our current vendors to talk about, but we can’t let you know all of the secrets yet. We are even considering a few other new companies to carry…. but you’ll just have to stay tuned.

It’s definitely a good time to be a music and audio fan. Some of the best vinyl and digital playback options we’ve heard in years. Can’t wait for next year!


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