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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rega Fono Mini Now in Stock! Phono stage and Rip your vinyl!

Forget about those cheap Big Box USB turntables for ripping your vinyl…. If you already have a decent turntable, then look no further than the new Rega Fono Mini. It’s a great little phono preamplifier AND has a USB connection with an ADC that can convert your vinyl to computer format at standard 16/44 CD […]

Price Increases Coming: Focal and Rega Speakers

As with many things days, we’re seeing more and more price increases. Both Rega and Focal are going to be raising their speaker prices on March 1. If you place your speaker order BEFORE the end of February, we can still honor the current pricing. (this is not an increase for Rega components, just speakers). […]

Rega Apollo-R CD Players in now!

The brand spankin’ new Apollo R CD Players is in at Stereotypes Audio, and it comes in the convenient new half sized case that the new Brio-R and the DAC come in. It’s the perfect match for those that want the compact set up. It’s already garnering great reviews. (check out a review here). We […]

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