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Rogue Audio Electronics: 2016 3Q Featured Product

It seems like everything these days costs more. Food costs more, health insurance, cars, homes, energy costs and professional services… all cost more… at least gas is taking a temporary respite from high prices. That’s why when you find an honest to goodness, good old fashioned American value like Rogue Audio, it give you something to cheer about!

Rogue Audio has been building their products in the U.S. in Pennsylvania since 1996 with these four values:

1. Superior Sonics 2. High Quality and Reliability 3. Outstanding Appearance and 4. Great Value. If only some of our other home products were built to such high standards!

While a great value, these products look anything but cheap! With understated graphics and marketing, the casework and sounds that come from that exquisite casework are anything but understated. Photos don’t even do the front faceplates justice, which look absolutely gorgeous in person. But ultimately, it comes down to ‘how do they sound?’ Sometimes you can get caught up in the nuances about products as to whether they are tube based or solids state, but regardless of either…. It just seems to get the music ‘right,’ and you find yourself continually asking the salesperson, “It costs how much?!” In the end, it’s all about enjoying the music. That’s real audio value.

We currently have the following Rogue Audio products on our Stereotypes Audio Portland, Oregon showroom floor: The Rogue Audio Sphinx Hybrid Integrated Amplifier, the 100WPC Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Tube Integrated Amplifier, the Rogue Audio Metis Magnum Tube Preamplifier, the Rogue Audio Ninety-Nine Magnum Super Magnum Tube Preamplifier, the 100WPC Atlas Magnum Tube Amplifier, and the Rogue Audio 100WPC Stereo 100 Tube Amplifier. You can dig deeper into all of the specifications at the links for the previously listed products. There are a ton of great reviews out there that can be found… here are several: For the Sphinx Hybrid Integrated Amplifier herehere, and here. The Cronus Magnum Tube Integrated Amplifier here and here. The Stereo 100 Amplifier reviews can be found here . The Atlas Magnum Tube Amplifier here and here. The review for the Ninety-Nine Preamplifier is here and here.

Come in to Stereotypes Audio today to hear real musical value!



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