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DAC’s, DAC’s and more DAC’s!

We have some of the top DACs out there right now, ranging from the best values, to some of the best in the industry at any price. See our list of some of the DACs that we have in stock and ready to demo.

NAIM: The Naim DAC provides eight S/PDIF inputs, two USB inputs, and is capable of handling audio data sampled at up to 768kHz and with up to 32bit resolution. It’s garnering some of the highest praise around! On display now, come listen and take your digital music to a whole new level in sound! Read more. You can also read some of the reviews here and here.

CAMBRIDGE AUDIO: The tremendous and affordable DacMagic.  Three digital inputs, 1 USB, 2 Coax/Optical. Review here more info here

MUSIC HALL: Unique with a 6922 tube, headphone amp & Optical, Coax, USB and AES/EBU digital inputs. more info here

BENCHMARK: American made, pro-audio built DAC. With four versions (DAC,   DAC+USB,   DAC +USB+ Pre-Amp w/Analog Input &   DAC +USB+ Pre-Amp w/Analog Input w/Remote Control !) two colors, dual headphone amps and more, this is the DAC others are judged against. Here are some reviews: here more info here

SIM AUDIO (MOON): The new 300D DAC will accept an input signal ranging from 44.1 to 192kHz, with a bit-depth range from 16 to 24-bits. With USB, 2 Coax, and Optical inputs. Internal upsampling using 24-bit/352.8kHz processing. Some reviews: here, and here (download the .pdf, on page 174 of Issue 31) more info here

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