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New Shunyata Research products are amazing! New Sigma power cords and cables and New Dark Field Suspension System AND current Venom bundle deal!

Right now we have a bundle deal with the Shunyata Venom PS-8 Passive Power Strip + Venom Defender Power Conditioning/Surge protection Module + 20A High Current Venom HC Power Cord (to plug the strip into the wall) and a set of SSF (Stainless Steel Feet), bundled together for $1,100. (Contact us for current pricing)

Shunyata Research
has been on a roll lately, with their new Sigma line of power cords that stops component noise at the source… the actual component. 15 years of in the making of evolutionary design advancements has brought about their most radical change yet! And you have to hear the difference to believe it. While noise does come from outside of the home, most occurs from within the home, and especially from each component themselves. Shunyata refers to this as CCI (Component-to-Component-Interference), you can learn more about it with their video here. These new Analog, Digital and High Current cables have all of the most advanced Shunyata technology built into them, with their highest performing ΞTRON™ circuits, VTX wire, and new Sigma tech. Each cable is specifically designed for that type of component, stopping component noise at it’s source to alleviate cross component contamination.

Also new to the Shunyata line up, is the latest evolution of their line of Dark Field cable elevators. These new Shunyata Advanced Dark Field Suspension System products build on the previous generations, incorporating two new forms of vibration isolation that quiets energy transfer between the floor and any cable product. The most significant advance is the wide band cable suspension bridge, designed to support any cable, power or signal, while dissipating vibrational energy through the purposefully tensioned polymer band. The other innovation is the energy-absorbing granular compound that fills the base of the towers. This helps to absorb floor borne energy that would otherwise couple to the cable, causing signal degradation. The DF-SS comes in packs of three.

Lastly, Shunyata has added another great product to their value Venom line in the Shunyata Venom Digital Power Cord. You get a lot of upgrade impact for a very reasonable amount of money with the Venom line, and this new Digital Power Cord strengthens this great line of products, measurably lowering the power line noise emissions from digital components.

Shunyata has even more great products coming soon. Come in today to demo and experience these breakthrough new products!

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